Meet Joanna Connor, The Guitar Shredding Goddess

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We’re not exaggerating when we refer to Joanna Connor as the guitar shredding goddess. Seriously, this exceptionally talented woman is exactly the reason why one should never, ever judge a book by its cover. Joanna’s average style is comparable to that of a laid-back hippie mom – which is why it is so unexpected when she takes the stage to slay the audience. When you think of shred guitarists, you generally envision a middle aged man, with the signature 80’s rock band hairstyle, wearing a band tee and old jeans. Are we wrong?

Joanna has an eclectic style all of her own – but when she has that guitar in hand, it is easy for you to get lost in the fast-paced tapping, picking, and sweeping techniques that are┬áseemingly easy to the shredding goddess. She’s drawn crowds of hundreds of people, who are completely blown away by what she can do with an electric guitar. Nevermind her style – her talents more than speak for themselves.

While there are many musicians in the world that don’t exactly “look the part”, we’re thankful for all of the talents they bring to us. Check out video of Joanna slaying the stage at The North Atlantic Blues Fest 2014 below, and tell us how badly you want to get in on seeing one of her performances. For more information, photos, events, and news about Joanna, visit her website here. Can you keep up with how super fast her fingers move? Wow!




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