Meet Motorcycle Riding French Bulldog, Ollie

Ollie The Motorcycle Riding French Bulldog – Photo Credit:

Meet Ollie, the French bulldog who can’t get enough of the open road. He’s pretty famous, he’s even got an entire Instagram profile full of his adventures on and off the road. Check him out in the clip below enjoying some wind therapy.

Ollie is one of the coolest biker dogs we’ve ever seen. His owners Julian and Gladyz Montoya have been riding for over 40 years and take him on rides all the time. He’s got his own pair of goggles or “doggles” and a saddlebag carrier to keep him safe while riding. Never mistake him for a pug though, he might get a little furr-ious. French bulldogs look very similar to pugs, but can be distinguished by their large bat ears.

In honor of all biker dogs out there, we’ve created a gallery of the coolest biker dogs on the road. If you’ve got a pooch that rides, feel free to submit photos to and we’ll feature them in our doggie photo gallery.

Check out photos of Ollie’s rides below:

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