Meet The Cat Who Loves Motorcycle Rides

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Oh yeah, you read that right. There’s a cat named Garfield- who is the coolest biker cat we’ve ever seen – and he just loves to go on motorcycle rides. He’s even fully equipped, with his leash that keeps him safely on the handlebars and attached to his master, and goggles that protect his eyes from wind and debris while riding. He calmly sits atop the bike, just enjoying every minute he has while out on the motorcycle.

A cat is about the last passenger you’d expect to see on a motorcycle, nonetheless being totally cool with the experience. Nothing about a motorcycle ride bothers this cat – not the speed, the wind, the noise, or even other traffic. Most of us can’t get our cats to go into the car for a visit to the vet, but this cat, well, he’s something special!

Check out the video below, of the Garfield the coolest biker cat ever going on his motorcycle ride. Tell us in the comments if you’re blown away by how chill he is! Do you think your cat would ever tolerate going on a ride on your motorcycle with you?