Meet The Guinness Book World Record Title Holder For Most Tattooed Female Senior Citizen

Image Credit: Guinness Book Of World Records
Image Credit: Guinness Book Of World Records

Today we’re telling the story of 67 year old Charlotte Guttenberg. Charlotte is being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records this year, for being the most tattooed female senior citizen in the world. The best part is – she just began her tattoo journey only 10 years ago, after her husband passed away. While she was married, she wanted just one tattoo. Only one. Yet her husband forbade it. So when he passed, Charlotte went on a mission to change her appearance indefinitely.

While the actual number of tattoos that adorn Charlotte’s body is unknown, we do know that her body is 91.5% covered in ink. The writer from Melbourne, FL – who is also certified as a personal trainer and life coach – received her first professional tattoo in 2006, a birthday present to herself, and hasn’t stopped since. Her tattoos are comprised of delicate designs and intricate uses of color, and she plans on adding even more to her ink collection in the future. She says she’s often stopped by younger persons, claiming that they wish their grandma was as cool as she is.

Her new life-partner, Charles “Chuck” Helmke, holds the Guinness World Records title for being the most tattooed male senior citizen. They met while she was being tattooed, and much like their ink collections, their love for one another has only grown. Together, they’re the world’s most tattooed senior citizen couple. Check out photos and video of Charlotte below, and tell us in the comments how amazing you think she is. All she and Chuck need now is a beautiful Harley to take to all of the tattoo conventions they’ll be attending!


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