Motorcycle Bar Dishes Out The Perfect Burn To 1-Star Yelp Reviewer

Image Credit: Iron Horse NYC
Image Credit: Iron Horse NYC

Have you ever visited the Iron Horse Motorcycle Bar in New York City? It’s a pretty rad little dive bar in Manhattan, NY – nestled right beside the Brooklyn Bridge, just a few blocks from the shores of the East River. It boasts an outgoing all-female crew of bartenders, and serves up a pretty beefy selection of the typical bar foods alongside a pretty decent selection of craft beers, import beers, and wines. That being said – it’s a dive bar, not somewhere you’d go to expect a quiet intimate conversation, which apparently, was just too much for Yelp reviewer Megan to handle.

Megan, who comes from Calgary, Canada, was apparently so displeased with the fact that the Iron Horse is a loud, rowdy dive bar, that she took to Yelp to give the establishment only 1 star; plainly for not meeting her standards and preferences. She quite literally expected the bar to be more like a hipster coffeehouse, no joke – and when it wasn’t, she left this hot mess on Yelp as a review of the place:

Image Credit: Yelp Screenshot
Image Credit: Yelp Screenshot

“Wouldn’t recommend this to eat or for a quiet drink. I met some friends here at 3PM in the afternoon and the music was so loud we couldn’t hear each other. The service was terrible just to get a drink at the bar. The food was also terrible.”, she writes, below her puny 1-star rating.

The owner of the Iron Horse, upon seeing Megan’s poor review of his bar, took to Yelp to do a bit of research on Megan himself – discovering that, according to her other Yelp reviews, she prefers quieter coffee houses and more intimate restaurant choices – and knowing that he prides himself on owning a loud, rowdy motorcycle bar, decides to leave a review of Megan, right on Yelp.

Image Credit: Yelp Screenshot
Image Credit: Yelp Screenshot


Thank you for visiting our establishment, and for your review. As you took to Yelp to voice your opinion, I would like to voice ours.

I read other reviews you posted on Yelp for places you have also visited. It seems you like quiet coffee shops and fancy food, none of which we have ever advertised to provide. Please note our Yelp description even says:

Ambience: Divey

Noise Level: Loud

So if you’re going to complain, I was hoping it would be about something that we actually advertise that we provide. We are primarily a loud, party type, bar atmosphere, serving a mean burger, hot wings, and similar pub fare at RIDICULOUSLY low prices for Lower Manhattan. Where else in the area can you get a beer for $2? Where else can you get a nearly half-pound freshly made burger including a draft beer for only $10?

We have 4 stars on Yelp, but its not because our food will knock your socks off. The 4 stars are there because most of our customers come in looking for a fun time, and to get away from the mundane of the every day, while enjoying a simple, decent meal at a low price. 

I recommend you align your expectations with the type of establishment you are visiting, and do more research before you decide on a place that will work for your personal preferences. I give you 1 star, as you are terrible at finding bars and restaurants that suit your tastes. I’ll give you more stars if you come back and have a drink with me.”

Buuuurn! The review on Yelp has since been deleted, so we’ll never find out if Megan took the owner up on his offer to return to his loud, biker bar for a beer. What’s the lesson here? Don’t visit a motorcycle bar if you can’t handle the biker atmosphere. We’re loud, we’re rowdy, and we like to have burgers and beer along with our good times.

Check out video of the average night at the Iron Horse NYC, and tell us in the comments how badly you think the owner of the bar burned Yelper Megan with his response to her 1 star review. Do you think she deserved what she got?