Motorcycle & Owner Catch Fire At Gas Station

Motorcycle Catches Fire At Gas Station – Photo Credit: Screenshot

Here’s a reminder to pay attention while filling up your motorcycle tank at the gas station!

A man in Marietta, Georgia is in critical condition after a fire ignited while he was filling up his motorcycle tank at a gas station. Witnesses say the motorcyclist had his engine running and music blasting when gas started spilling out of his tank. One witness tried to warn him, but the biker did not hear him. Within minutes the man and his motorcycle were engulfed in flames, luckily a witness ran up and to help the biker put out the flames with his jacket. The motorcyclist was airlifted to the Grady Hospital and the witness who helped was treated for burns on his hands.

There are several things this guy did wrong that caused a fire to ignite as he was fueling up his motorcycle. First, he had his motorcycle running while fueling, second he had his radio was turned up so loud he couldn’t hear the warnings from bystanders, and third he wasn’t paying attention while filling up.

That’s some scary stuff! We hope this rider has a swift recovery. Are you extremely cautious while filling up your tank? Watch the footage from the gas station below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments.

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