Motorcycle Club Protects Abused Children

Bikers Against Child Abuse Visits Shy Girl – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Bikers Against Child Abuse motorcycle club is doing amazing things to help children who’ve suffered mental and physical abuse. The B.A.C.A. is an international organization that works with local and state officials to protect children. The organization’s main goal is to “create a safer environment for abused children” by providing support and empowerment to children in order to help them heal.

During their first visit with the child, the chapter gets to know the child and presents them with a B.A.C.A. vest and patch and a road name along with stickers and a photograph to remember them by. They also assign two members to check in weekly to make sure the child is safe. The members have even made appearances in court, if necessary, to show support for the child during the trial.

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Bikers Against Child Abuse Empowering Children – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

These guys are doing an incredible job standing up for abused children. The B.A.C.A. International has chapters in the United States, Austraila, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Austria. They are the only organization in the world doing this. Find out more information at the B.A.C.A. website here.

Bikers Against Child Abuse – Maricopa County Chapter – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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Check out the video below to find out more about Bikers Against Child Abuse:

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