Film Review: 21 Days Under the Sky

21 days under the sky 2

If you’re a fan of old school bikes and cross-country road trips, 21 Days Under the Sky will be right up your alley.

Josh Kurpius, Troy Critchlow, Gentry Dayton and Ryan Grossman set out on one hell of a ride: a 3,000 mile trip from San Francisco to Brooklyn on vintage motorcycles.

The plan was to make it to the Brooklyn Invitational Motorcycle Show in three weeks, using as much of the Lincoln Highway as possible. If you’ve ever taken a long-distance trip on an old chopper, you already know they were in for a rough ride.



Despite the breakdowns, it was an adventure of epic proportions, filled with breathtaking scenery that is guaranteed to make you want to ride.

Bonus: along the way, the guys make a pit stop at custom motorcycle painter and leather worker Tom Fugle’s compound in Sioux City, Iowa. For those who don’t know, Tom was friends with motorcycle artist David Mann and custom car builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth back in the day. His home videos of his club, El Forasteros, appear throughout the film.

It’s a bummer the footage cuts off just as they make it to the Brooklyn Invitational and doesn’t cover the actual show, but as any biker will tell you, it’s not the destination. It’s the ride.

21 Days Under the Sky is now streaming on Netflix. The special edition DVD and Blu-Ray containing over 1 hour of bonus footage is available for pre-orderĀ here.