Motorcycle Ride Through Pine Canyon Washington – Orondo to Waterville

Pine Canyon Ride Orondo to Waterville, Washington – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot – Credit: Dry Rock Studios

We’re suckers for beautiful scenic rides and this motorcycle cruise through Washington’s Pine Canyon is nothing short of astounding.

In this virtual ride, you’ll cruise with Robert Merz of Dry Rock Studios through Washington’s Pine Canyon, from Orondo to Waterville. Highway 2 in Washington is an often overlooked gem of a highway to ride, particularly the Pine Canyon section, and a stop in Waterville is worth the trip alone! This video features awesome music by Paul Black titled “Fork in the Road”.

Robert Merz of Dry Rock Studios at Harvest House Restaurant – Waterville, WA – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

The US Highway 2 at Pine Canyon experience a major rockslide that blocked US Highway 2 between Wenatchee and Waterville in early January 2016. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, it was estimated that 11,000 cubic yards of rock blocked 100 feet of the highway. The roadway was closed for two weeks while workers cleaned up the area that was estimated to be 30 to 40 deep with boulders the size of trucks.

US 2 Closure at Pine Canyon – January 2016 – Photo Source: WSDOT Blog

So the plan was to head south, jump on the interstate and head east. But a friend suggested we check out Highway 2 as an alternative. Thanks Bob for a great tip! This week’s ride video is Washington’s Highway 2, from Orondo to Waterville, the Pine Canyon. Several of Washington’s best kept secrets. A great motorcycle road! A beautiful historic hotel with awesome service! A restaurant that is incredible! What more do you need for an evening ride? Well how about a little music from Paul Black to accompany the sound of our big V-twin? Pour yourself a coffee, turn up the volume, sit back, and enjoy the ride! Featuring Paul Black’s song “Fork in the Road”. – Dry Rock Studios

Watch the beautiful scenic ride through Pine Canyon through Orondo to Waterville, Washington in the video clip below. Have you taken a ride on this route? Which part of the ride was your favorite? Let us know your favorite places to ride in the comments below.

Video Credit: Dry Rock Studios


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