Motorcycle Safety Eye Test… Can You See It?

Motorcycle Safety PSA – Eye Test – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We love this PSA, it’s a motorcycle safety eye test for drivers. The PSA was created to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. Please watch out for motorcycles, look twice, safe a life! Please feel free to share this with friends and family.

A few weeks ago, we shared another motorcycle PSA that left us speechless. It’s titled “You Didn’t See Me”. The message is a great reminder to share the road and to look twice for motorcycles, but the PSA also brings to light the assumptions people make about bikers based on how they look.

Check out the PSA clip and leave your feedback in the comments below. Do you have a motorcycle safety PSA that you would like to share? Leave your favorite motorcycle awareness video in the comments and we’ll share it.

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2015-12-08 16_26_05-You didnt see me - YouTube