Motorcyclist Rear-Ended…By His Mom!

Image Credit: HolyKaw
Image Credit: HolyKaw

This totally isn’t something we see everyday! This video, originally posted by Viral Hog, has more than gone viral, with millions of views. A young man is riding his motorcycle peacefully; he slows to navigate a curve, and then…BAM! You see his bike get thrown out from underneath him! Shut the front door! What?! This really happened, as the motorcyclist was filming his ride with his GoPro attached to his helmet, and the worst part of it all? It was his own mom that hit his bike from behind.

Now, if you’ve seen the comments online, the vast majority of them aren’t even about the incident – they’re about the string of curse words that came from the young man following the crash. So, if you’re sensitive to language (which we doubt you are), this is your warning that this video is NSFW and contains some pretty vulgar language – that is used frequently. Many are saying that no matter what your mom does, there’s never a reason to talk to her the way this young man did.

So check out the video for yourself, and tel us in the comments section below if you would have reacted the same way this young man did – be it your mom that hit you or not. Would you have been worse than he was? And as always, we’d like to point out to you all that this video serves as a reminder to always stay safe in traffic. We don’t want any motorcycle accidents or incidents to happen to any of you!

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