Newbie Learns: “Shiny New Motorcycle = Slippery Tires”

Newbie Learns – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Let this newbie be a lesson to all those who are in the market for a brand new bike.

Purchasing a shiny new bike means you’ve got a set of slick tires to ride on for a while. What many dealerships fail to tell you is the tires are coated with oil at the factory, so they don’t stick to the tire mold. The coating will wear off after you put some miles on the bike, so it’s best to play it safe for the first 100 miles until you can break in your new wheels. Be cautious making sharp turns and braking and you’ll wear down the coating eventually.

The new bike owner in the video below was obviously not aware of the slick tires on his brand new Suzuki crotch-rocket, needless to say, he finds out the hard way. We can’t blame him, though, he doesn’t blast the throttle or tear out of the dealership like a bat out of hell, but you’ll see the tires are pretty shiny and cause the bike to slip right from under him.

Check out the video below and leave you new motorcycle tips in the comments below. Have you ever wrecked a brand new bike right out of the dealership? Tell us your cringe-worthy story in the comments below.