A Biker’s Night Before Christmas

A Biker’s Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, And not until Spring
Would a motor be running, not even a Wing.

The bikes are all sleeping, they’re covered and warm, Batteries
are tended, nylon covers their form. Continue reading “A Biker’s Night Before Christmas”

A Redneck’s Night Before Christmas

A Redneck’s Night Before Christmas – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

One of my fondest and favorite Christmas traditions as a kid was reading the story “The Night Before Christmas” every Christmas Eve. If your family has carried the same tradition, you could probably recite the words without even having to look at the book. Continue reading “A Redneck’s Night Before Christmas”

How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree (FUNNY)

How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

This guy is too funny! He’ll show you how a biker decorates a Christmas tree using motorcycle parts. He’s actually got a few great ideas for chroming out your tree with redneck biker ornaments. Hang up your saddle bags cause bike Claus is coming to town! Continue reading “How To Decorate A Biker’s Christmas Tree (FUNNY)”

Harley Revs To The Tune Of “Silent Night” For Christmas

Harley-Davidson “The Sound of The Festive Season” – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Check out this cool Christmas greeting from Harley-Davidson titled “The Sound of The Festive Season”.

It’s rare that the words “Harley-Davidson” and “silent” are ever used in the same sentence, but the pipes on this Harley-Davidson are anything but silent in this version of the song “Silent Night”. Continue reading “Harley Revs To The Tune Of “Silent Night” For Christmas”

Why We Ride: A Female Warrior Shares Why She Rides A Motorcycle

Why We Ride – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I just came across this beautiful video, it features footage from a beautiful sunset ride and a testimony of a female rider who shares the reason why she rides. She explains how riding motorcycles brings peace and calmness to her mind and how it drowns out the stress of everyday life. We all ride for many different reasons… do you ride for the same reasons as this female warrior? Continue reading “Why We Ride: A Female Warrior Shares Why She Rides A Motorcycle”

A Biker Christmas Cartoon

Christmas Biker Cartoon – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Just spreading some biker-Christmas cheer…

Here’s a funny Christmas cartoon that will get you in the holiday spirit. Santa finds comfort and joy while riding his bike with his reindeer brothers. He also takes his lady-rider “Christmas Carol” for a spin in the wind. Check out the funny Christmas cartoon below. Feel free to share this post with a fellow wind-lover. Happy Harley-Days! Continue reading “A Biker Christmas Cartoon”

“Mistress For Christmas” By AC/DC

Mistress For Christmas – AC/DC Christmas Tune – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a holiday tune from AC/DC that will get you in the mood… ahem… for the holidays, that is… Check out the video below, you’ll get an earful and an eyeful of holiday babes (the video may not be safe for work)! Also, we’ve provided the lyrics below so you can sing-a-long. Continue reading ““Mistress For Christmas” By AC/DC”

This Powerful Motorcycle PSA Will Leave You Speechless

2015-12-08 16_26_05-You didnt see me - YouTube
“You Didn’t See Me” PSA – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Ask any biker and they’ll tell you they’ve been in a situation on the road where a driver didn’t see them and many will tell you it’s the reason they’ve lost a fellow brother or sister on the road. Here’s a great motorcycle public service announcement from several years ago, but the message still reigns true. It was made to bring awareness to motorcyclists, a reminder to pay attention and watch for motorcycles. Continue reading “This Powerful Motorcycle PSA Will Leave You Speechless”

Bad Santa Delivers Harleys To Kids On The Naughty List

Biker Claus Harley-Davidson Christmas Commerical – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Happy Harley-Days BON Brothers & Sisters!

I just stumbled on this awesome Harley-Davidson “Bad Santa” commercial and I had to share it with you guys. It’s guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit! Harley-Davidson has put out several great holiday-themed adverts over the years, this one is an oldie, but a goodie. Continue reading “Bad Santa Delivers Harleys To Kids On The Naughty List”

22 Awesome Gifts For Any Biker On Your Holiday Shopping List


It’s the season for giving! If you’re looking for something awesome for the biker on your list, we’ve got the goods to satisfy any wind-loving rider.


Check out the list below to find stocking stuffers under $10, incredible deals on gifts for him and her, and accessories for their “sleigh” too. Christmas Day will be here soon and these deals won’t last long, so, get your motor runnin’ and shop these awesome gift ideas!

Continue reading “22 Awesome Gifts For Any Biker On Your Holiday Shopping List”

Crazy Harley Davidson Nitrous Explosion

HD Nitrous Explosion – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Nitrous backfires on a Harley-Davidson at the Wyotec Brute Horsepower Shootout in Daytona Beach FL.

The owner of this bike literally turns into Ghost Rider for a few seconds… Luckily, the owner and the bike were unharmed during the explosion. It also didn’t stop the owner from walking away in first place. It’s now the 12-time undefeated winner of the 2011 Wyotec Brute Horsepower Shootout.

Continue reading “Crazy Harley Davidson Nitrous Explosion”

Indian Motorcycle Streamliner: The Spirit of Munro

Indian Motorcycles – The Spirit of Munro – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

New Zealander, Burt Munro had a dream to break the land speed record on his 1920 Indian Scout named “Munro Special”. Munro broke the 1000cc land speed world record in 1967 at Bonneville Salt Flats. His story was made into a film titled “The World’s Fastest Indian” in which Burt Munro was depicted by actor Anthony Hopkins. Continue reading “Indian Motorcycle Streamliner: The Spirit of Munro”

6 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Own A Motorcycle

6 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Own A Motorcycle – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Not everyone is cut out to ride a motorcycle. If you do any of the things the people do in this motorcycle fail video, you probably should not own a motorcycle, dirt bike, or scooter, in fact, maybe you shouldn’t own any motorized vehicle, just to be on the safe side. Continue reading “6 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Own A Motorcycle”

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally & Memorial Bike Parade 2015

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally – Panama City Beach – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

A ride through the streets during Panama City’s Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally on a Harley-Davidson Road King. Check out the parade of motorcycles during the fall Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally in beautiful Panama Beach, Florida in the video below. Continue reading “Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally & Memorial Bike Parade 2015″

“Cowboys Like Us” A Tribute To Fallen Brothers & Sisters

In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers & Sisters

This tribute music video is dedicated to of all of our fallen brothers & sisters of the road. If you have a loved one or a dear friend who has passed and you would like them to be remembered, please leave their memory in the comments. They will remain in our hearts forever and they will never be forgotten. Continue reading ““Cowboys Like Us” A Tribute To Fallen Brothers & Sisters”