Redneck Engineering At It’s Finest: Dirtbike Moto-Boat

Motorcycle / Dirtbike Powered Boat – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Now this is some impressive redneck engineering. This dirt bike powered boat was spotted in Canyon Lake Arizona and it’s pretty awesome. Steering the boat looks like it’s still in the “testing” stage (LOL). This reminds me of something one of buddies would rig up in the middle of summer. Continue reading “Redneck Engineering At It’s Finest: Dirtbike Moto-Boat”

Motorcycle Crash Video: “What Was He Thinking?”

What Was He Thinking – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Much like many of the stunt videos we post, this video will make you ask yourself “what was he thinking?”. Continue reading “Motorcycle Crash Video: “What Was He Thinking?””

Which Member Of Led Zeppelin Are You? Take The Quiz!


Have you ever wondered which member of Led Zeppelin you would be? Take the quiz below and find out. Continue reading “Which Member Of Led Zeppelin Are You? Take The Quiz!”

Lady Riders Of Daytona Bike Week & Leesburg Bikefest


There’s nothing hotter than a lady who rides her own. We’re honoring all women who ride their own with this stunning compilation video. The video features over 150 lady bikers who love the freedom of the open road and who aren’t afraid to ride solo. These women were spotted cruising up and down the streets of Daytona Bike Week and Leesburg Bikefest 2014-2015. Continue reading “Lady Riders Of Daytona Bike Week & Leesburg Bikefest”

When You See Us… We Ride For Those That Cannot

When You See Us – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

I just stumbled across this awesome video made by the Powersports Channel explaining the reason why riders participate in runs and rallies for specific causes. Many people see a large group of motorcycles and wonder “what is going on?”, “what is their purpose?”. This video clip does an amazing job describing the importance of riding for a cause and what it means for us bikers. Continue reading “When You See Us… We Ride For Those That Cannot”

8 Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Riding Partners

Why Dogs Make The Best Riding Partners

The saying is true, “only a biker understands why dogs like to stick their heads out of car windows”. It’s probably part of why dogs make the best riding partners. We’ve put together a short list of a few other reason why a dog makes the best riding partners. If you’re a dog lover and you ride,  this list is sure to make you smile. Continue reading “8 Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Riding Partners”

Brothers Build Captain America & Billy Bike Replicas

Captian America Replica – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

You probably remember the famous choppers from the 1969 cult-classic film Easy Rider. The movie followed the characters Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) during a cross-country journey on their chopper motorcycles. Wyatt road the bike nicknamed “Captain America”, recognized for its patriotic paint job and elongated front end.  Billy’s chopper had a smaller frame with a classic red tank with yellow flames. Continue reading “Brothers Build Captain America & Billy Bike Replicas”

Wild Footage From Daytona Bike Week 2014

Daytona Beach Bike Week 2014 – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Things get a bit wild and crazy down in Daytona, Florida when the Daytona Bike Week starts in March. Every year nearly half a million motorcyclists ride into town to enjoy the sights and party like the world might end by the end of the week. The event has a packed calendar full of concerts, motorcycle races, rides, bike shows, and the all-time favorite, bikini contests. Continue reading “Wild Footage From Daytona Bike Week 2014″

Throwback To Daytona Bike Week 2015

Daytona Bike Week 2015 – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

What’s the best part of riding to party at Daytona Bike Week? The bikes, babes, beer, and bands of course! We’re throwing it back to Daytona Bike Week 2015 with this recap video. Watch and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to party down in beautiful Daytona, Florida at the Broken Spoke Saloon during the rally. Continue reading “Throwback To Daytona Bike Week 2015″

Biker Rescues Kitten And Takes Him For A Cross-Country Ride

Pat Doody & Part Cat On The Road – Photo Credit:

Pat Doody was making his way back home from the Born Free Motorcycle Show in California when he stopped at a gas station in Las Vegas and found a furry new riding partner, “Party Cat”. The little orange tabby cat appeared to be badly burned and malnourished, so Doody tucked the kitten into his vest and rode off. The cat rode inside his vest for a cross-country motorcycle trip from Nevada to New Jersey. Continue reading “Biker Rescues Kitten And Takes Him For A Cross-Country Ride”

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome – Are You Suffering?


Are you or someone you love suffering from Parked Motorcycle Syndrome (PMS)?

PMS is a very serious condition which, left untreated, could cause serious damage to your mental health. Motorcycle riders can develop this condition if they go long periods of time without riding a motorcycle. Riders are more likely to experience PMS during the winter months, particularly in the northern states where snowfall is prevalent. If you are experiencing symptoms of PMS, the only proper treatment is to seek out a motorcycle for some much-needed wind therapy. Continue reading “Parked Motorcycle Syndrome – Are You Suffering?”

1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle Comes Back To Life After 40 Years Of Sitting

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

It’s alive! This 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle may be rusty and worn-in but it’s still kicking…

In 2010 Kiwi Motorcycles of Riverside California brought back to life a classic 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle. The bike had been sitting for over 40 years, but when they crank it up you won’t believe the sound.  The calm, beautiful idle is so impressive, it might just bring a tear to your eye. Continue reading “1948 Indian Chief Motorcycle Comes Back To Life After 40 Years Of Sitting”

8 Year Old Does Donuts On His Harley-Davidson Power Wheels Motorcycle

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Thanks to his parents, this young rider is getting a head start on learning how to ride a Harley. Ok, maybe it’s not exactly a full powered V-twin engine Harley-Davidson, but it’s a modified Power Wheels Harley-Davidson Motorcycle made by Fisher-Price. Do you know a kiddo that would flip over one of these? Continue reading “8 Year Old Does Donuts On His Harley-Davidson Power Wheels Motorcycle”

9/11 #NeverForget Budweiser Commercial Aired Only Once


Budweiser 9/11 Commercial – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Following the tragic events that happen on September 11th, 2001, Anheuser-Bush released this moving television ad to pay tribute to the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks.

The commercial features the Budweiser Clydesdale horses trotting from a snowy countryside all the way to New York City’s ground zero. Once they arrive in New York City, the horses bow to pay tribute to the fallen. This emotional Budweiser commercial only aired once during the Super Bowl XXXVI on February 3, 2002. They released an updated version of the commercial in 2011 on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Continue reading “9/11 #NeverForget Budweiser Commercial Aired Only Once”

14 David Mann Illustrations To Celebrate His 75th Birthday

In Memory Of by David Mann
“In Memory Of” by David Mann

If you were fascinated with motorcycles growing up, you most likely grew up admiring David Mann’s illustrations in Easyriders Magazine. Today would have been David Mann’s 75th birthday.  To honor him on his day of birth, we’ve put together a photo gallery of some of his most iconic pieces of artwork. Learn more about him and his artwork below. Continue reading “14 David Mann Illustrations To Celebrate His 75th Birthday”

Michael Ballard Releases Statement After Full Throttle Saloon Fire

Full Throttle Saloon

Full Throttle Saloon owner, Michael Ballard, along with his friends and family are devastated after an overnight fire obliterated the Sturgis, South Dakota establishment.  An unknown cause sparked a fire early Tuesday morning. Several fire departments across South Dakota were called to the scene but were unable to contain the fire.  Unfortunately, the world-famous Full Throttle Saloon is considered a complete loss. Michael Ballard has released the following statement: Continue reading “Michael Ballard Releases Statement After Full Throttle Saloon Fire”

Full Throttle Fire Aftermath Footage

Full Throttle Saloon

It’s a sad day in Sturgis. Just weeks after the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, an early Tuesday morning fire took down the world famous Full Throttle Saloon. Multiple fire departments were called in to help battle the flames into the early morning. They were unable to control the fire from the inside, as smoke bellowed out of the building. In this video uploaded to YouTube just hours ago, you can see there’s not much left but the frame of the stage. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Luckily, no one was hurt during the fire. Continue reading “Full Throttle Fire Aftermath Footage”

BREAKING NEWS: Full Throttle Saloon Catches Fire

Full Throttle Saloon Fire – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Sturgis, South Dakota – Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department spent several hours battling a fire at the Full Throttle Saloon early Tuesday morning. Crews battled the blazes until 3 a.m., reports are saying the structure is a “total loss”. The cause of the fire is still unknown and is under investigation. No injuries have been reported. Footage from the fire has been uploaded to YouTube, check out the footage below. Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Full Throttle Saloon Catches Fire”

20 Mind Blowing Custom Painted Motorcycles

Flag & Eagle Tank – Photo Source: Pinterest

Just as tattoos are a way of expressing one’s self, the art of customizing a motorcycle is the same for a biker. Some riders appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the motorcycle alone, but there are others who take pride in decorating their bike’s gas tank, fenders, and even their helmet to match.

Many riders choose to enhance the look of their bike with a custom paint job, covering the fuel tank with themed airbrushed artwork. To celebrate the artistry of custom motorcycle paint, we’ve gathered a few of the coolest airbrushed bikes for your viewing pleasure.  The scoots featured in this gallery are wildly decorated with skulls, flames, Reapers, pin-ups, and more.

Some call it art, some call it downright flashy. Do you prefer your two-wheels to have a decked out tank or a simple paint job?

Flip these 20 mind-blowing airbrushed motorcycles:

No 1.

Picture 1 of 20

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EPIC FAIL: Motorcycle Burnout Goes Up In Flames


Today kids, we examine another burnout gone wrong. What was supposed to be an impressive burnout, took a heated turn when the motorcycle sparks into flames.

In front of a large crowd of people, a biker decides to show off his burnout skills on his Suzuki motorcycle. He braces the bike against and tree and turns the throttle. The back tire begins to spin, he continues to accelerate, the motorcycle is first engulfed in smoke… then a spark from the pipes ignites a fire. Continue reading “EPIC FAIL: Motorcycle Burnout Goes Up In Flames”

First Look: 2016 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Line Up


(Left to right) Harley-Davidson's new Forty-Eight(R) and Iron 883(TM) models assert Dark Custom leadership with motorcycles inspired by the rebellious spirit of the past updated with modern design and new suspensions that put a little extra smooth in the Harley-Davidson soul. (PRNewsFoto/Harley-Davidson Motor Company)
(Left to right) Harley-Davidson’s new Forty-Eight(R) and Iron 883(TM) models. (PRNewsFoto/Harley-Davidson Motor Company)

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has announced the new additions to the 2016 model lineup and they’ll be hitting the road soon! Included in the lineup is the all new 2016 Sportster – the Iron 883 and Forty-Eight, the Fat Boy S and Softail Slim S, Road Glide Ultra, and Heritage Softail Classic. These motorcycles have been geared up for 2016 with upgrades and revamps in style, comfort, and performance. Continue reading “First Look: 2016 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Line Up”

Biker Crashes Then Scores A Perfect Landing On Car Roof


Biker Lands On Car Roof – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Can you believe this? A biker ninja crashes and lands standing on top of the car roof!

In a dash-cam video, we see a BMW car goes to switch lanes when a Suzuki motorcycle speeds up and rams into the back of the car. The biker flies off his motorcycle with an amazing front flip and lands perfectly on his feet. Screams of panic and disbelief can be heard from the dash-cam. This, my friends, is an incredibly lucky guy. Continue reading “Biker Crashes Then Scores A Perfect Landing On Car Roof”

Biker Calls Out A Mother Who Called Him A “Dirty Biker”



Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to get to know someone before they judge them. One biker is going the extra mile to show people not to “judge a book by its cover”.

A biker is speaking out against a mother who judged him for being a “dirty biker”. During a visit to Tim Horton’s restaurant, a little girl smiled at him and said “hello”, he kindly smiled and said “hello” back. The little girl’s mother quickly snatched up the girl and said “we don’t talk to dirty bikers”. Insulted by the incident, he decided to call the mother out by posting to Facebook. Continue reading “Biker Calls Out A Mother Who Called Him A “Dirty Biker””

World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle – The Recidivist


Tattooed Motorcycle – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We’ve come across some pretty strange motorcycles, but The Recidivist takes the cake, it’s the world’s first skin covered tattooed motorcycle.

The bike was designed and built by Game Over Cycles and inked by Polish tattoo artists Tomasz Lech and Krzysztof Krolak. After five months of construction and 250 hours of ink time, the fully tattooed Recidivist was ready to ride. Continue reading “World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle – The Recidivist”