40 Biker Birthday Cakes That Will Make You Feel Better About Getting Old


These motorcycle themed cakes are almost too cool to eat… Almost.

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Savoring the Memories of Sturgis Past

It’s one ride you will never forget. We asked BikerOrNot members to share with us their favorite Sturgis memories. These were the results…

If these memories aren’t enough to make you want to go to Sturgis, we don’t know what will! If you’ve been to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, what was your favorite memory? We’d love to hear about it. Share your favorite photos and memories in the comments below.

Special thanks to all of our BikerOrNot Facebook Page fans who contributed their memories.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Ride

fb-fathersday1Can you believe it’s already June? That means Dad is already cranking up the bike and it’s time for you to find the perfect gift for him. Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st and we want to help you find a badass gift for the man who raised you right. Here’s a few ideas that are guaranteed to kick Dad’s summer riding season into full gear. If you see something he’ll LOVE, be sure to place your order by June 11th and they’ll arrive in time for you to wrap!

Shop these gifts and more at Store.BikerOrNot.com or order over the phone (855)-612-3100.

Dad, did you see something you like? It’s not too late to drop a hint. Get what you want for Father’s Day by sharing this post with the ones you love and they’ll know exactly where your head’s at. After all, you did raise ’em up right!

[Video] Angry Ram Won’t Let Biker Pass


If you think you’re having a bad day, just watch this hilarious video of this guy trying to get around a ram on his dirt bike. This ram won’t let this guy pass for nothing! Check out the video below:

What would you do if you ran into this ram on your bike? Let us know if this made you smile in the comments below. Feel free to share with friends.

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You Know You’re a Biker When…

You Know You're a Biker When...


30. You recognize your friends by the sound of their exhaust. -Brad H.

29.  You cry on the first snowfall. -Becca T.

28. You can identify bugs by taste. -Michael S.

27. You ride to work, and you work to ride. -Kenneth Y.

26. Grabbing a burger takes all day. -Dan F.

25. You use your dishwasher to clean bike parts. -Dusty R.

24. You feel like every car is out to get you. -Kevin K.

23.  You try to throw your leg over your car seat. -Daniel N.

22.  Your worst day on your bike is better than your best day anywhere else. -Dane H.

21. The only destinations are sunrise and sunset. -Bob J.

20. Nothing heals like two wheels. -Janeen K.

19. You can’t imagine your life without riding or the memories of riding. -Judson B.

18. Someone says you have an “iron butt” and it’s a compliment. -Daniel D.

17. Your biggest decision of the day is left or right. -Randy S.

16. You make your bike payment before any other bills are paid. -John F.

15. You relate more to a dog hanging its head out of a passing car than you do to humans. -James B.

14. Your dirty clothes smell like exhaust and beer. -Ted D.

13. You lie to your wife in order to spend more quality time with your bike. -Chris H.

12. You know what a grasshopper feels like at 100 miles per hour. -Robert N.

11. Your hairdryer has handlebars. -Kitten C.

10. You have more pics of your bike than your kids and grandkids. -Peggy D.

9. You subconsciously wave at another motorcycle and you’re in your car. -Brodie M.

8. The wind in your hair and face makes you happier than a paycheck. -Erik O.

7. You help more people than the government. -Jonathan B.

6. Picking bugs out of your beard becomes part of your daily grooming ritual. -Dan C.

5.  You go down and the only thing you ask is ‘how’s my bike.’ -Margie C.

4. You give up trying to explain to people why you ride because if they have to ask they wouldn’t understand. -Jeff T.

3. You hate the fact that you were in front of your computer long enough to read this and not on your scoot. -Skyler M.

2. You want to be buried with your bike because you’re not done riding yet. -Pat K.

1. Your ass hurts… your back is killing you… you can’t feel your hands or feet… and when your buddy asks you if you want to take a break you look him straight in the eyes and say HELL NO LET’S RIDE !!!!! -Don C.

Special thanks to all of our BikerOrNot Facebook Page fans who contributed to this list.

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Top 10 Things to Do at Sturgis

Rockin’ concerts, beautiful scenery and long, twisty roads— these are a few of the things that make the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a biker’s dream come true.

If you’re looking to take your rally experience beyond Main Street, here’s a list of the top things to do at Sturgis.

1. Mount Rushmore

© South Dakota Tourism

You can’t take a trip to Sturgis without cruising over to see Mount Rushmore. You may have visited this national landmark on family vacation as a kid, but there’s nothing like seeing it from the seat of a motorcycle.

2. Spearfish Canyon

spearfish canyon
© South Dakota Tourism

Full of sweeping curves and lined with ponderosa and spruce pine trees, the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway is one of the best riding experiences in the Black Hills .  The route offers tons of places to stop and take in the tranquil beauty of its crystal clear streams and waterfalls. Continue reading “Top 10 Things to Do at Sturgis”

75 Years of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally History

With the 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on the horizon, tourism officials are speculating attendance could range from 750,000 to 1 million— making it the biggest biker bash ever staged. It’s hard to believe it all started with a race of 9 participants competing on a half-mile dirt track.


The Beginning
In 1938, Indian Motorcycle franchise owner Clarence “Pappy” Hoel gathered around 200 motorcycle enthusiasts for a weekend of riding and racing. Continue reading “75 Years of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally History”

The Ultimate Wind Therapy Playlist


We believe happiness is… a motorcycle, a full tank of gas, the open road, and a rockin’ road trip mix. There’s nothing like letting loose in the wind while jamming to your favorite pedal to the metal tunes. With the help from BikerOrNot.com members, we’ve put together an ultimate motorcycle road trip playlist to get you revved up for your next ride. Whether you’re making the trek to your favorite motorcycle rally (Sturgis, anyone?) or just cruising for your daily dose of wind-therapy, this playlist is sure to get you ready for the highway.

Did we forget your favorite cruising song? Leave your favorite pedal to the metal tune in the comments below and we’ll add it to the list.

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Harley-Davidson & Sturgis 75-Year Partnership

Sturgis rally-goers have one more reason to get revved up for the upcoming 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Harley-Davidson has entered into a 75-year partnership with the City of Sturgis, naming Harley-Davidson the official motorcycle brand of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

As parsturgisandhdpartner1t of the agreement, Harley-Davidson is building a permanent plaza in Sturgis at the corner of Second and Main Street. The multi-purpose space, which is set to be finished in time for this year’s rally, will feature a stage for concerts and events.

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