Puppy-Monkey-Baby – The Strangest Super Bowl Commercial Ever!

Puppy-Monkey-Baby Mountain Dew Commercial
Puppy-Monkey-Baby Mountain Dew Commercial – Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

The most unsettling, but hilariously entertaining Super Bowl 50 commercial.

I don’t know what could be more creepy, it has the head of a pug, body of a monkey, and the butt of a baby. In this commercial, a group of friends are drinking Kickstart, the caffeinated Dew drink when the bizarre cross-breed walks into the room. We’re still freaked out about it…

Some Super Bowl 50 viewers found the commercial disturbing, calling it the stuff their nightmares are made of, others find it wildly entertaining.

Check out the weird Puppy-Monkey-Baby Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial below:

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