Put The Phone Down – Let’s Spread The Message To Drivers!!

Image Credit: Skull Society
Image Credit: Skull Society

BON and Skull Society need your help! The Spring 2017 riding season has officially began, and we’ve kicked off a new campaign that could save a biker’s life! It could save your life, and the lives of those you love! Help us spread the word to drivers everywhere – PUT THE PHONE DOWN!!!  We’ve seen it far too often. Bikers are killed every day across America, and it could be easily prevented!

There are so many distracted drivers out there – and our bikers are getting run off the roads because drivers can’t put their phones away! Spread the message by getting this exclusive tee from Skull Society, and wear it loud and proud while you’re out riding. Drivers everywhere should see this important phrase wherever they look – PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Click on the tee to be taken straight to Skull Society, where you can get this message in the form of a tee, long sleeve, and hoodie in black, grey, blue, or white.


In March of 2015, Samuel Ayres, a motorcyclist who called out the driver of a BMW for talking on his cell phone, ended up in the hospital after the same motorist purportedly knocked him over moments later. The Los Angeles biker recorded the road-rage incident, that left him with serious injuries, on his helmet camera – it shows him approaching the BMW E92 3-Series Convertible at a stop light and telling the driver to “Put down your f***ing phone, you’re in your car“. The car then ran him over – intentionally – and that crash left him with a severe concussion, two hairline fractures in his left shoulder, a broken left foot, many bumps and bruises, and a hefty hospital bill to boot. He’s lucky it didn’t kill him.

That video, which we’ve included below, only reiterates just how important and urgent it is to spread this message. Tell us in the comments section if you’ll be helping us save the lives of bikers everywhere by wearing this tee as much as you can!

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