Rat Chopper with Air Suspension


If you’re a big fan of rat bikes, here’s one that will blow you away! This rat chopper was spotted at the Oldsmar Florida Freedom Fest Bike Show.

It’s one unique project bike with an extremely stretched low frame and air suspension. It takes a creative and dedicated individual to find all the parts to build something like this. It looks like the tank has been pieced together with old license plates and Cadillac parts, and a glass bottle fuel gauge. Watch the owner crank it up and hear it rumble. Only in Florida…

I’m not sure if this is the exact same bike, but it sure looks like it. It would make sense if it was because the guys Todd Anglani of After Hours Bikes in Florida pieced this one together and named it “Flesh Wound”. This video gives you a better demonstration of the air suspension:

This looks like the same bike, but rebuilt in Norway. This guy gives you a rundown of the all the parts used for this build and takes it for a spin on the street.

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