Motorcycle Crashes Into Two Bicycles on Mulholland Hwy

Motorcycle Takes Out Bicycles on Mulholland Hwy – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Ouch! While traveling on Mulholland Highway, a motorcycle crashes into two cyclists.


Mulholland Highway located in Los Angeles, California. It’s a fifty-mile winding road around the Santa Monica Mountains. Motorcyclists, drivers, and cyclists from all over come to experience its twisty turns. It’s the most famous section called “The Snake” is known to be highly dangerous. In particular, a section titled “Edwards Corner” has caused several wrecks. Many spectators hang out near Edwards Corner to watch drivers and riders take on the dangerous turn.


Videographer Ken Snyder filmed this shocking crash video at the site. A Suzuki sports bike takes on the Edwards Corner and crashes into two bicyclists, causing the riders to collide and fly off their bikes. Accidents around Edwards Corner as very common, but this one, in particular, is the first of it’s kind.

Fortunately, no one has been severely injured. The first cyclist that the motorcycle struck was treated for minor injuries and discharged from the hospital a few days later.

Watch the incredible footage of the motorcycle wreck below:

Video Source: Rnickeymouse YouTube Channel

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