Snake Jumps Out At Motorcycle Rider Doing 155 MPH (CRAZY)

Snake Jumps Out On Motorcyclist
Snake Jumps Out On Motorcyclist – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Oh HELLLLLL no! If this thing popped out on me while I was riding, I don’t think I would be alive to tell the story.

Can you imagine? You are riding along the highway at 155 MPH (what a thrill in itself) and a snake pops out of your motorcycle and slithers right over your hand? The majority of people would flip their stuff and automatically panic, but this rider remains completely calm. He slows down and stops to let the snake slither off his bike without having a heart attack.

HOW? WHY? WHAT THE? Check out the mind-blowing video below. What would you do if a snake snuck up on you while you were riding? Let us know in the comments.

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