Sturgis 2016: Veterans Charity Ride With Mark Wahlberg & Indian Motorcycles

Image Credit: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Image Credit: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Every year, the Sturgis Annual Motorcycle Rally does one thing, that they hope will better the lives for Veterans all across the country. Indian Motorcycles hosts a Veterans charity ride each and every year – wounded and amputee Veterans are hand selected to participate in and experience the ride at Sturgis, as well as the opportunity to heal with motorcycle therapy. Motorcycle therapy enables disabled Veterans to get out on the open road, to feel the wind in their face and empty their minds of whatever may be troubling them.

For the charity ride at Sturgis, selected Veterans leave from Los Angeles and spend 9 days riding America’s most beautiful roads, getting the opportunity to meet Veterans like themselves and get to know one other. They, in turn, help each other heal from the traumas they experienced during war and deployment. The veterans also get to see how much their service means to all of America, by visiting small towns along the way to Sturgis, to meet the very people of our nation who they helped to protect. After the ride, they get to spend the entire week at Sturgis, experiencing the motorcycle rally and all it has to offer.

Check out actor Mark Wahlberg, and his explanation as to why the 2016 Sturgis Veterans Charity ride has been so important, not only to him but to the Veterans it serves, and tell us in the comments what this ride means to you. Do you have a disabled Veteran in your life that could benefit from this ride? Give them a shout out in the comments section below!

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Join me and Indian Motorcycle in supporting our veterans and the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis on this life-changing ride. To learn more, visit

Video Courtesy of Mark Wahlberg


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