Test Your Bacon Knowledge With This Bacon Listicle!

Image Credit: Food.com
Image Credit: Food.com

As bikers, bacon is a huge, huge part of our lives. It is the staple for any and every get together or barbecue we attend with our brothers and sisters. It is a versatile part of every meal – it can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts. So today, we thought it’d be fun here at BON to test your bacon knowledge – check out the many different types of bacon, below.

1. Smoked Bacon

bacon 1

What are some of the best uses for smoked bacon? One can smoke their own on the grill, or buy it pre-smoked at the market – and it makes for a great addition to burgers, ribs, shrimp, and all of the best barbecued foods.

2. Turkey Bacon

bacon 2

Some would argue that turkey bacon is not bacon at all (we might be some of those people), but it certainly has its unique purposes. Turkey bacon is often lower in fat than traditional pork cuts, this bacon alternative is made from turkey – so it’ll make your cardiologist happy, if nothing else.

3. Slab Bacon

bacon 3

Only motorcycles are better than bacon fresh off the slab. This type of bacon is perfect for the grill, and since it comes straight from the butcher counter not yet sliced, you are in charge of just how much you get and what size you want it to be. Bacon doesn’t get more free than slab bacon.

4. Canadian Bacon

bacon 4

All of us that live south of the Canadian border might argue that Canadian Bacon is actually ham, as its a pre-smoked and fully cooked pork loin that actually tastes more like ham than it does bacon. Not to mention, it is ready to eat right out of the package – regular bacon doesn’t do that! But seriously, combo it with some smoked bacon on your next freshly grilled burger, and you’ll be thanking us for giving it an honorable mention today.

5. Pancetta

bacon 5

Pancetta is out there to prove that even bacon can be fancy. It is an Italian-cured pork belly that is not smoked like traditional American bacon – it can be bought as sliced spirals, or diced to be added to meals like a breakfast casserole, or mixed in with ground beef to create the ultimate bacon burger.

Tell us in the comments section below which type of bacon is your favorite! Do you plan on using all 5 types of bacon in this list for your adventures in grilling this summer?

*All Images Courtesy of Food.com*

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