The Amazing Survival Story Of A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

You didn’t read that wrong – we have a survival story in store for you today, and it’s a bit different than you’d expect – it’s about how a Harley Davidson Motorcycle survived during a tsunami in Japan. No joke. This Harley has been through quite a bit more than most Harleys go through, and the story behind its life is pretty incredible.

Back in 2011, a devastating tsunami hit the coast of Japan, and this Harley fell victim to the storm while traveling in a shipping container. It was cast 6,000KM – or over 3,000 miles – away from Japan during the storm, and washed up on the coast of British Columbia. The tide from the storm destroyed the motorcycle’s shipping container, and the bike was found by itself, license plate still intact.

The owner was found and contacted, and to this day, the tsunami Harley Davidson now sits in a Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee, WI to honor its story. Check out the amazing story behind this special Harley¬†below, and tell us in the comments if you’ve ever been to see it in its final resting place! We think it would be pretty incredible to go see the Harley after everything its been able to survive!

Harley-Davidson Canada

In the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 one man’s motorcycle washed up 6,000 km away on the shore of British Columbia. Here is the story of the Harley-Davidson Tsunami Bike.



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