The Artistic Biker Creates An Amazing Art Journal Tribute To Thanksgiving!

biker artist 3
Image Credit(s): Jonathan “Blade” Manning/The Artistic Biker

Have you all met Jonathan “Blade” Manning, AKA The Artistic Biker? No? Well, then you’re in for quite the treat today! Jonathan is so many incredible things – a biker, a veteran, a dad, a musician, a husband, an artist – as well as having a spectacular sense of humor. Jonathan runs his very own YouTube, where he shares his art with the entire rest of the world, and today, we’ll be sharing his art journal tribute piece to Thanksgiving.

We’re now less than 48 hours away from Turkey Day, we know, it seems hard to believe. Like, where did this year go? We’re totally excited to be sharing Thanksgiving with all of you BON brothers & sisters, and we hoping that having Jonathan join us in some of the holiday festivities will make this a Turkey Day to remember! Jonathan creates an epic turkey, just like the ones we made as kids, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss it!

Watch The Artistic Biker create his Thanksgiving awesomeness below, and tell us in the comments what your plans are for this Thanksgiving Holiday! Aren’t you just blown away by this great artist? He’s an all around great guy, and we’d like to thank him for putting himself out to the world so we can share him with you!

Check out all of his work by visiting his website, The Artistic Biker.




Image Credit(s): Josh Payne
Image Credit(s): Josh Payne