The Incredible, One Of A Kind Lamborghini Motorcycle [MUST SEE]

Image Credit: Chuck Beck
Image Credit: Chuck Beck

To look at the incredible, one of a kind Lamborghini Motorcycle is to take a look into the mind of a man who is quite one of a kind himself, Chuck Beck. He is a living look back into the do-it-yourself speed culture that we knew to be the 1960’s, and the creative engineering that is his mind has developed literally anything and everything that you could imagine. He was a master fabricator for Shelby in his earlier days, building a supercar destroyer from a Ford Fiesta, and he made his career by building fiberglass replicas of both Lister and Porche racing cars. More recently, Beck built a motorcycle using a Lamborghini V-12 powered engine.

Beck, who is a life-long resident of Georgia, obtained the Lamborghini engine from a friend of his Рthe man lost his Lamborghini Espada in a fire and the engine was the only part of the car that survived. Beck, being the engineering God that he is, hastily accepted, and turned what was sad, burned up car, into what some would call lunacy, with a custom Lamborghini powered motorcycle. To say that Beck is legendary is a vast understatement. Those who have visited and interviewed with him in the past say that he is the kind of guy where when he starts talking, everyone else stops to listen.

Today, we have not one, but two exclusive videos for you surrounding the creative genius that is Chuck Beck – of course, his amazing Lamborghini Motorcycle, and another, which is an interview he gave in Atlanta, GA a few years ago. Check out both videos below, and tell us in the comments how you feel about Chuck Beck’s vision – do you find his custom built Lamborghini motorcycle to be amazing? The engine is now connected to a Volkswagen Type 3 transaxle in the custom bike, and is geared to have a top speed of 140 mph. The radiator sits in the very back of the bike to keep as much heat away from the seat as possible; so the rider¬†can control the bike with custom linkage. Do you find it to be totally incredible?

A one of a kind Lambo engine bike from… – Hot Rod Madness with Tim The Milkman | Facebook

A one of a kind Lambo engine bike from the imagination of Chuck Beck

Video Courtesy of Hot Rod Madness With Tim The Milkman (Facebook)

Video Courtesy of Caffeine and Octane (YouTube)

If you are still wanting to see more of Chuck Beck’s Lamborghini Motorcycle, check out even more video, plus a photo gallery of the amazing machine below:

Video Courtesy of Caffeine and Octane (YouTube)


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