The Iron Cowgirl – Honoring Female Riders

The Iron Cowgirl – Honoring Female Riders – Image Credit: Pinterest

Move over boys, motorcycling isn’t just a “man’s world” anymore, there more women are riding their own bikes than ever before. (Psssst! Check out the video below.) According to the Women Riders Now website, it was estimated in 2014 that the number of motorcycles owned by females is up to 14 percent and had increased by 50 percent in the last 10 years. We’re glad to hear that these numbers are on the rise and we want to encourage more women to join in on the fun.

We stumbled across this awesome poem honoring female riders and we had to share it. It’s titled Iron Cowgirl.

She’s strong willed and independent.

She’s as beautiful inside as she is outside.

She’ll never take no for an answer; and when she’s told she can’t do it because she’s a girl, she’ll prove you wrong every time. She

loves the thrill of the ride, and the romance of adventure.

She’s you and she’s me.

But most of all… she just is.

Long live the Iron Cowgirl.

If you’re just beginning to ride or even if you’ve been riding for years, you’ve gotta check out the video below and meet a couple of female riders from Maryland who are loving the thrill of the open road.

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Are you a female rider? We would love to hear your story! Post a comment telling us about your journey, your bike, and your favorite riding experiences.


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