The Luckiest Biker Ever

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Wow, this is guaranteed to be the funniest video we’ll share all week! This blind man goes into a Harley shop, sunglasses, white cane, and wife in tow, looking for his new motorcycle. He walks through the shop, with the shopkeep in total disbelief, carefully inspecting each and every bike to meticulously choose which one will be his shiny, new companion.

As he walks through the shop, even you question why a man who cannot see would want to buy a motorcycle… because well, he won’t be able to ride it, right? And this is why this man has the best wife ever, and why he’s the luckiest biker ever. We’d tell you….but you just have to watch the video to appreciate how great it is!

Find out why this blind man is the luckiest biker ever by watching the video below, and tell us in the comments how incredibly hard you’re laughing right now! We’ll bet you didn’t expect that to be the ending! How lucky is this man, that his wife is willing to help him live out his wildest dreams? Annnd, did you happen to notice the back of his jacket? Hilarious!

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Best Wife Ever! – Biker For Life

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