The Number Of Lady Bikers Keeps Going Up, And Here’s Why.

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Riding a Harley has always been a man’s thing, right? When you think of someone straddling that leather seat, gunning the throttle, and chasing the wind, you normally picture a man – the tattoos, the beard, the vest, the jeans, the boots….it’s an image that has been branded into our minds for years. Mainstream media, advertising, television….they’ve always portrayed motorcycles to be in the hands of a man. But that imagery is quickly changing, as more and more women are grabbing a hold of the handlebars – and the reasons why are just amazing.

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

The Motorcycle Industry Council just released a survey that states the percentage of women riding motorcycles in the US has gone up to a whopping 14% in recent years – give yourselves a round of applause, ladies – that number has increased nearly 6% since 1998. Why is that number on the rise?

“It’s about freedom – something you can do on your own.”

Says Nancy Moore, a motorcyclist and the Assistant Director of the Memphis Chapter of the Harley Davidson Owners Group.

Sarah Shikle, national marketing manager of BMW Motorrad USA and chair of PowerLily says,

“Women continue to embrace motorcycling like never before. Of the 9.2 million owners, more of them are women than we’ve ever recorded. In fact, the number of female owners better than doubled from 2003 to 2014. And, among the more than 30 million Americans who swung a leg over a motorcycle and rode at least one time in 2014, a quarter of these riders were women.”

Watch the video below, as it’ll introduce you to some pretty amazing female riders, and hear from them why they took the big step and became Harley owners. Tell us in the comments if you have a lady biker in your life who is special to you! Do you think it’s awesome that more and more women are getting behind the handlebars?

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More women than ever are riding motorcycles. Here’s why

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