The One- Wheeled Motorcycle: Cool Or Strange?

Image Credit: Ryno Motors
Image Credit: Ryno Motors

We’ve discovered a new type of motorcycle today – the one-wheeled motorcycle – and it’s proper name is the Ryno. With the Ryno, riders aren’t stuck cruising the motorcycle lane, or limited to valuable street space. Riders can take it anywhere – so Ryno Motors, the company who makes it, boasts – on the sidewalk, in the grass, or anywhere people can generally walk. It’s meant to be versatile, convenient, and lead the way for transitional vehicles.

To us, it seems like it almost takes the motorcycle out of the motorcycle. Yeah, while traffic inconveniences sucks, and they always will, to us a motorcycle is meant to have two wheels, right? Ryno motors says that the Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle is easy, and that “learning to ride the RYNO comes easily to most. RYNO uses your natural movement instincts to accelerate, decelerate, and steer.”, and they boast it as being half the motorcycle with twice the amount of fun.

Check out photos and video of the Ryno one-wheeled motorcycle below, and tell us in the comments whether you think it’s cool or strange. Would you embrace the kind of motorcycle you can ride anywhere that you could walk, or do you more prefer the traditional form of motorcycles that we’ve long been used to?

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One-Wheeled, Electric Powered, Zero Emmisions Motorcycle Lets You Navigate Anywhere

Video Courtesy of David Wolfe (Facebook)


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