The Saluting Marine Gives Veteran Bikers A Long-awaited “Welcome Home”

The Saluting Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers at Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers is known as The Saluting Marine for his hours long salutes at Rolling Thunder, a motorcycle riding tribute to all Veterans and POW/MIAs in Washington, DC. In the video below, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers’ holds a three hour long salute with a broken wrist. You can see his arm starts to tremble, but he continues to stand at attention to honor veterans.

In 2002 Staff Sgt. Chambers attended the Rolling Thunder in his dress blues to thank veterans for their service, once he saw the many vets on their motorcycle, he started to salute. At the time he didn’t realize the impact his salute would have on the riders until many of them began to pull over their bikes with tears in their eyes to thank The Saluting Marine for giving them the warm “welcome home” that they had waited for, for years. Since then, Staff Sgt. Chambers felt that he had no other option, but to go and show his respect and salute every motorcycle at the Rolling Thunder demonstration.

The Saluting Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers at Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

It’s extremely hard to keep a dry eye while watching this video of Tim Chambers, The Saluting Marine, hold a long salute with a broken wrist at Rolling Thunder. We can all learn a little something from Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers outstanding dedication, compassion, and respect for fallen and MIA/POW comrades, so please do us a favor and SHARE this video.

Rolling Thunder not only helps and honors veterans and active duty military, but they also work to publicize the POW/MIA issue. They strive to help educate the public about American Prisoners of War and Missing In Action from past wars are to help prevent and protect future veterans from being left behind.

This year, the 29th annual Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” demonstration will take place on Memorial weekend on Sunday, May 29, 2016. For more information visit the Rolling Thunder, Inc website.

This video was made “in memory of those who have fallen and those who have yet to return”.

Video Credit: HD Canvas Media


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