This Harley Davidson Turned 4-Wheeler Is A Whole Mix Of Strange & Awesome!

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

YouTuber B Howland and his son set out on a mission to build an ATV that absolutely nobody else in the world had. They took their 1996 Harley Davidson Wide Glide, and modified the life out of it, to turn it into the most badass 4-wheeler in the neighborhood. It comes with a Champion gear-driven reverse, no mufflers – straight pipes instead, and 28″ mudding tires. This is a Harley like no other we have ever seen!

It’s the perfect custom machine for someone who has a mutual love of both Harley Davidson and 4-wheelers. You get the comfort of your Harley with all the great functions of an ATV. It’s actually kind of genius. B Howland and his son finished this awesome father-son project in April of 2007, and the best part of it is, this particular bike was a victim of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. So they rescued a hurricane ravaged Harley, and gave it a totally new purpose in life. How awesome is that?

Check out the video B Howland made for this Harley turned ATV below, and tell us in the comments how awesome you think it is that this hurricane ravaged motorcycle was given new life! If you had been the one to rescue and revive it, what would you have done with it yourself? Would you have restored it back to its original beauty, or would you have customized the crap out of it like this guy did?