This Little Gadget Will Have You Wanting To Wash Your Bike Every Day!

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

So, we came across the coolest thing. It’s this little gadget called the Brush Hero, and seriously, it is so cool and so handy, it’ll have you wanting to wash your bike every day! You may even find yourself wanting to wash everything with it…your grill, your car, maybe even that one thing you’ve totally been putting off that the old lady has been nagging you for months to clean. We’re not kidding. It’ll change the way you clean your bike forever.

You have finally found the ultimate cleaning tool with the Brush Hero. No, we’re not getting paid to say that! It can fit in the smallest crevices and spaces, eliminating the need for a huge sponge, while keeping dirt, mud, and grime off of your hands. The spokes and rims on your bike will shine like they never have before, and your arm won’t ache from the endless scrubbing. It is powered by water – not you – so you’re in for saving some serious time washing, giving you more time to be out there riding. It’s seriously one of the coolest things we’ve ever come across.

Check out the video below for a better idea of how the Brush Hero works, and tell us in the comments section if you’d use a gadget like this one to help you care for your bike. Spring is right around the corner, BON family, and before you know it, the weather will be warm enough for you to dirty, and clean, your bike. Do you also find the Brush Hero to be as cool as we do?

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Get Ready to Love Washing Your Motorcycle!

…and if that video wasn’t enough to convince you of how versatile and neat the Brush Hero is, check out motorcycle enthusiast Stan Dorak comparing it to both the Soap Star and Hog Rag products.