This Motorcycle Photo Shoot Is Allllll For The Ladies!

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

It’s about time we gave you BON biker babes some eye candy of your own, right? Well, we’re not sure if you’re familiar with actor Brock O’Hurn, but after today, you will be! Brock is a gorgeous specimen of man, known for his work in Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016), Too Close To Home (2016), and Steve Harvey (2012), and he just recently did a shirtless photo shoot, a top a beautiful motorcycle, for the A.P.C Custom Motorcycle Iron Man Magazine and we cannot wait for you to see it!

We can’t decide what’s sexier about this photo shoot – 6’7″ tall Brock or the custom motorcycle he adorns. Now, this photo shoot has received all sorts of attention, good and bad, and Brock has handled it in the most eloquent of ways. One critic asked Brock what he will do when old age catches up to him, and he cannot rely on his looks to get through life and work – and his response was brilliant. He says,

One thing I’ve learned in life is people who are happy.. truly happy. Don’t speak, wish or think ill of others. If someone tries to degrade or belittle me or anyone else for that matter, I also learned it is a reflection of the way they feel about themselves and has nothing to do with me or anyone they are attacking. For anyone reading this.. try your best to not give in, stoop or lower yourself to the levels of negative people. You DESERVE more. Know that and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Smile. And move on.

So, he’s gorgeous, talented, and kind. He’s the perfect man, really.

Check out video of his delicious motorcycle photo shoot below, and tell us in the comments if you’d like to see more of Brock on a motorcycle in the future! How much do you enjoy getting to see some real life man-candy posing on a bike? Would you like to know if Brock rides a bike outside of work, or is his modeling with one enough for you? (Hint: He’s a motorcycle enthusiast just like the rest of us).

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