Tiny Woman Struggles To Kick-Start Harley Davidson Chopper

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

You have got to give the little lady in today’s video the ultimate credit for not giving up. The woman appears to be about 80 pounds soaking wet, and gives it her all, again and again, to try and kickstart an old school Harley Davidson Chopper motorcycle. She even doubts she can get it started, at first, and the video is almost painful to watch, as she uses both of her tiny little legs to force the kick start lever down to fire up the bike.

She gives it try after try, each time failing slightly harder than the time before, until finally, she gets the beast to start up. Not only did she finally get it to start, but amazingly, it didn’t kick back on her – not even once. This tells us that she has some decent knowledge about the bike, or she’d be walking around with quite the bruise on her shin from trying to start it up. Seriously, this little lady deserves an award for determination in trying to get this bike going.

Watch her trying to kickstart the chopper below, and tell us if you’ve got a lady biker in your life who is as stubborn and determined as this one is! Do you have a kickstart panhead, shovelhead, or ironhead in your Harley Davidson collection? Share photos of it right here with us at BON and we may feature your old school bikes in a future blog post!

Cool Girl – Harley-Davidson KickStarts | Facebook

Cool Girl

Video Courtesy of Harley-Davidson KickStarts (Facebook)