Update to Display Names

We are making two changes to the way display names work on the site. Both are aimed at increasing the usability of the site and reducing overall confusion amongst members.

First, you will no longer be allowed to use special characters. A special character is anything that is not a letter, number, space, or hyphen. We know that some members enjoyed using these special characters to make their names stand out. Unfortunately, they also make it more difficult for members to find each other and reduce the overall usability of the site.

Second, we’re limiting the ability to change your display name to once per thirty days. Unlimited display name changes have been used by some members to take advantage of the site and other members by doing malicious things, like impersonating other members.

Please direct any technical or profile-related questions to help@bikerornot.com. Other comments or general feedback is welcome below.



  1. Thanks for the heads up this time. Site is great for what the wife and I need but some people seem to relish in the harassing of others. Hope you can keep it to a minimum. Also, if you could get rid of the report button or at least verify that who ever was being reported had done something inappropriate before flagging them it would be a great help. Thanks again.

  2. Try to make it so when you scroll down your page you don’t have to constantly hit “show more”. Just have it scroll till we stop looking. Thanks~!!

  3. You have already made changes to make it hard for those of us who aren’t computer literate. Like how to post a comment on where someone has a post. How do I make it stay and be visible for others to view?

  4. Typo in paragraph 2. A special characters is… ….. characters should be singular.
    Just helping out. : )

  5. I cant get the email to send when i click … help@bikerornot … so im posting here … why cant i see all my Friends ??? It says 55 … but only showing 24 and there is no option to click next page … i just chewed a few friends out for deleting … why cant i see all my friends ???? Thank you !