Who Let The Dogs out Harley Commercial

Harley-Davidson Commercial – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

At first you have no idea where this will end. But it all becomes clear at the end that it’s a Harley commercial.

Who let the dogs out? A Harley-Davidson rider did.

I’m not sure when this commercial reached television. The response on Facebook is mostly positive.

If you are a fan of Harley-Davidson commercials you should check out this two:

The How to Cheat Guide

This commercial created lots of controversy. It plays to the stereotypes of bikers being cheaters. That did not resonate well in the biker community. I’m not even sure this commercial ever made it to television.

Another interesting commercial that you probably have not see is this Super Bowl ad.

This ad tells the story of the York, PA factory transformation. It received a huge positive response but never did air.

Harley-Davidson (ticker symbol: HOG) is trading down for the year. The company was founded in 1903 by William A. Davidson, William S. Harley, Walter Davidson, and Arthur Davidson.

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