Why You Don’t Piss Off Nice Bikers

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Nice bikers are everywhere. We’re sure you guys are nice bikers. As as your family and friends. Much like the guy in the video we’re sharing with you today, who was totally nice, and went above and beyond to help a driver in traffic….that is until the driver flipped him off. What the french toast?! He was just trying to help when he saw that the driver had left his wallet sitting atop his car, and picked it up out of the street when it had fallen off the car’s roof.

After grabbing the wallet up off the ground, the biker sped up to catch up with the silver car the wallet had fallen off of, and beeped at the driver to get his attention. That’s when he was flipped off, and you won’t believe what happens next. The biker had to catch up to the car yet again after it sped off following the obscene gesture, and he then threw the wallet into the open window of the car. The driver of the car give him a half-assed “Oh wow thank you bruvh” before he notices the driver had also left his phone sitting on top of the car.

He grabs the phone…and well, you’ll just have to watch the video below to find out how it all ends. This is why you don’t piss off nice bikers. Tell us in the comments if you’d have done the same thing the biker did! Do you think the biker should have approached the car differently to begin with, or do you think the person in the car should have been nicer to the biker considering he was just trying to help? Sound off below!

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Revenge is sweet

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