Wisconsin “Hogs For Heroes” Group Seeks Deserving Veteran To Win a Brand New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Hogs For Heroes Motorcycle Giveaway September 2016 Image Credit: Hogs For Heroes (Facebook)
Hogs For Heroes Motorcycle Giveaway September 2016
Image Credit: Hogs For Heroes (Facebook)

There’s an amazing group of motorcyclists that hail out of Madison, WI, named “Hogs For Heroes”. Founded by two brothers and their wives – Kevin, Audra, Craig, Michelle – their mission is simply to help as many Veterans in Wisconsin as they can. “Hogs For Heroes” was born when Kevin wanted to combine two long time passions of his, supporting Veterans and riding motorcycles – and in the fall of 2014, he read an article on the therapeutic benefits of motorcycle ownership among Veterans who live with PTSD. From there he choose to focus specifically on Wisconsin Veterans. Fast forward almost three years, and Kevin and “Hogs For Heroes” is now seeking a Veteran to gift a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to.

“Hogs for Heroes” has already given away two motorcycles – the first to Veteran and Wisconite Scott Kruchten in May 2016, and the other to Fond du Lac Veteran Daniel Tinsley in September 2016 – and through their fund raising efforts, they’ve raised enough money to give away one more. When looking for that deserving Veteran to gift a brand new motorcycle to, Kevin says they look for four pieces of criteria:

“One, that they’re a Wisconsin veteran. Two, that they were injured in a service-related situation. Three, we call it a financial component. We don’t put a number to it, but somebody who is not in a position to afford the bike themselves, and then fourth, that they have a history and a passion of motorcycling.”

Applications are being received for the “Hogs For Heroes” motorcycle giveaway until April 1, 2017. Wisconsin Veterans are encouraged to apply themselves, and friends and family of any Veteran in the state are welcome to nominate their Veteran for the chance to win. Check out the official news story about the Hogs For Heroes Veteran giveaway, and tell us in the comments how much you appreciate the group for helping Veterans in their state!

More information and the application for the Harley-Davidson giveaway can be found by visiting the official website for “Hogs For Heroes”, or by visiting them on Facebook or Twitter.

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