Women In The Wind: Riding The Tail Of The Dragon

Riding The Tail Of The Dragon – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

“A Woman’s View in Curves and Tail, Riding on the Tail of the Dragon, Women in the Wind. 318 turns in 11 miles. An adventure second to none.

Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains are a motorcycle riders dream and a challenge of skills that will test everything you ever knew about riding and then some. Two, three or four wheels, this course will make you want to kiss the ground when you are done.

I took the challenge, and I slew the Dragon – and it kicked my butt. And I can guarantee that I needed fresh underwear when I was done. Being a moderately skilled rider, I was apprehensive and excited all at the same time.

Being a lone female rider has its only challenges. On this course you have to remember to “Ride your own ride”. Don’t let anyone rush you. There are folks that are out there for speed and thrills, and there are lots of “trophies” on the Tree of Shame of those that thought they could make it and didn’t. Like I said before, you got to “Ride your ride”.

Now the curves – there are lots of sweeping turns. And then there are the ‘switchbacks”. Where I come from, we call them “kiss your ass turns”, because your front end is going to meet your back end! Back brake, lots of clutch, counter-steering, leaning and a clear head are the tools you need to slay the Dragon.

Going south on Route 129 a lot of the curves will give you views of the Great Smoky Mountains that few will ever see. It can be rather intimidating to go through a curve and see nothing but trees and blue skies. Take a breather on one of the many overlooks to keep your perspective. The Dragon is not going anywhere, so enjoy every aspect that Mother Nature has to offer. When you reach the end of the Dragon at Deals Gap, NC take a break at and spend some time talking with the other riders. You will never meet a stranger on the Dragon.

Coming back north on Route 129, it is comforting when the mountain is to your right, and you don’t feel like you’re going to fall off the mountain. North or south, the Tail is there to kick butt and take names. Just make sure yours is not added to the Tree of Shame!”

Check out the video of the ride below. Have you ever rode the Tail of The Dragon? Tell us about your journey in the comments below.

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