Mayans M.C. – S2E3 Camazotz

What happened last night and scenes from next week!

Mayans’ episode Camazotz aired last night and the fans got just what they have been waiting for! The creators promised retribution this season and that is exactly what we got. 


The club was out for revenge after one of their own from another chapter was killed by a dirty cop. They began the hunt for him and ended up using his partner to find where he was. The Mayans of course handled their business and gave justice to their fallen member but not without a ‘my bad’ from Coco killing the cops mom as well… oh Coco! Killing moms all the time.

Emily has certainly become comfortable in her new role of ‘Queen of the Cartel’ she saw an opportunity for a bribe of an old friend in need and she took it. A family friend of hers works in the mayor’s office and she used some financial incentive to get information on the other bidders involved in the agro project she has been working on. 

Meanwhile, Miguel met up with Potter. He took him to a rally where a higher up in the community was speaking to farmers about land that they had lost. Potter believes that she is working with Adelita to make a more democratic move into power and wants Miguel to help get her ‘bloody’ and keep that from happening. Potter was 100% correct and Miguel meets up with Adelita to let her know that Agent P is onto their plan.

Now to the juicy details!! Seems as if what the audience had been speculating was true, Felipe (aka Ignacio) was having an affair with Dita, Miguel’s mother back in the day when he was working for the cartel. They sent letters back and forth to each other and now Dita is trying to bring those memories back up. 

But the best part of all… the Reyes brothers have found Happy!!! The episode ended with them holding him at gunpoint in his house and more is to come next week. See new trailer here >>

What Happens When You Cross The Mayans

Trailer for S2E3 of Mayans M.C.

Tuesday is finally here! Mayans are going to be out for revenge after last week’s episode. A fellow Mayans member from the Northern Cali chapter was shot and killed by a dirty cop. Now the Mayans have to get a little dirty themselves, they are not going to rest until this is dealt with. Could this possibly bring up past emotions or memories for EZ? Killing a cop is what landed him in this new chapter of his life.

Meanwhile looks like Miguel is continuing to play out his deal with Potter. Is there a new woman on the block trying to mess with their plans?

We will see tonight! Episode 3 is on tonight at 10pm on FX. Watch trailer >>

Most Unique Motorcycle In The World – The Recidivist

You might of thought you had seen every possible custom upgrade you could have on a bike… wait until you see this! ‘The Recidivist’ is the first ever fully tattooed motorcycle in the world, made up of a biker’s wardrobe… leather and ink!

This one of a kind ride has the base from a Harley-Davidson Heritage but every single inch of this thing has been fully customized. The creators at Game Over Cycles have thought about every detail in their 3000 hours of construction and the 2500 hours under the needle. ‘The Recidivist’ means ‘convicted criminal that repeatedly offends’ referring to how many convicted felons often use tattoos to tell their story. The art on the bike tells stories everywhere including on the newly added sidecar addition.

The bike is covered in cowhide leather in a light tan color to represent skin and details all around it are made out of actually parts from tattoo guns. The best one is the needles that move out of the exhaust pipe to look just like they do when getting a tattoo!

Watch the history and the making of this amazing bike…

What do you think of ‘The Recidivist’? Have you seen it in person?

Behind The Scene’s Mayans M.C Table Read

Mayans M.C. season 2 premiered September 3rd and fans have been going crazy for more! The audience can see the on screen connection and know that the cast and crew really love working together. 

Mayans M.C. Facebook just released this awesome behind the scenes video of the cast and crew coming back together for the first table read for season 2. Talk about a lot of BRO HUGS! Creator, Elgin James talks about how it is truly something special to come back together after the time off and get back into these amazing characters and stories. 

Back at Comic-Con in July, Edward James Olmos talked about how the table reads are so cool because they do not get the script before like normal shows. Everyone gets to experience the drama, laughs and twists all together at the table read.

Each member of the cast talks about what it is like to see each other again and get back into the thing they love the most! Frankie Loyal who plays Tranq talks about the show and how reading it aloud,

“It’s like it’s getting pulse.”

Check out the video here >>

Mayans M.C. S2E2 Xaman-Ek

Last night’s episode ended with quite a bang.. Literally! Episode 2 of Mayans M.C. premiered last night and it did not disappoint.


The brothers are back together and it is so great to see Angel and EZ getting along again. EZ showed Angel all the information he had been gathering on Happy, proving that he is the one that killed their mother over 8 years ago. Angel seems to be on his side when it comes to figuring out what they are going to do with this situation since Happy is a member of SAMCRO. 

The boys take a trip up to Stockton in Northern Cali but first Angel stops to see Adelita who has been hiding out. Her and Angel have been together during the break and the baby is his but she is reluctant to share that information with anyone. WONDER WHY??

As EZ and Angel are on their trip they run into some trouble along the way, there is a newer biker club that has an issue with the Mayans. Angel and EZ muscle up some trouble but the cops quickly shut it down… seems like that isn’t finished and will come back again, possibly not in a good way. 

Back in Santo Padre the focus is on the Galindo family. Emily has been working on a huge agro project but finds out there are some other major buyers trying to invest and take over the land. This project is huge for the Galindo family and they have had the Mayor in their pocket for a long time but she has dropped the ball and they could lose everything. Miguel’s mother, Dita has also been up to something… she is pretending to be disoriented after being involved in a fire (they have not shared many details about). She sneaks out of her doctors appointment to see Felipe but addresses him as Ignacio, his former name when he was a hit man for the cartel. More on that story for sure!

As for the club they are on the hunt for Mini, the little girl from Los Olvidados that is very close with Adelita. She ran away from the safe house looking for Adelita. They are not the only ones on the lookout for her, the military working with Potter have been searching for her as well. It leads them to know that the Mayans are involved in looking for her and put a tail to see what they have been up to. 

At the end EZ and Angel are with the Northern Cali Mayans and get mixed up in a shooting by a dirty cop, retribution is sure to follow in the next episode. See trailer here…

Mayans M.C. S2E2 Trailer

Best day of the week Mayans fans! So excited for episode 2 tonight, newest trailer was released yesterday showing some major stuff going down between EZ and Angel!

Will finding their moms killer finally bring the brothers back together?? We certainly hope so! Fans all want to see EZ and Angel team up to avenge their mom even if it means a fellow Sons Of Anarchy character might be getting the axe…

More on that to come for sure but looks like EZ and Angel might have some other problems on their hands first with another motorcycle crew?

Almost time to ROLLOUT, can’t wait to see what happens tonight. Tune into FX at 10pm for episode two. Check out latest trailer here >>

Tomorrow on Mayans M.C.

Next on Mayans: The Reyes Brothers are riding together again…

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Season 2 of Mayans M.C. Premiere

What happened last night and scenes from this season.

The time has finally come Mayans fans! Season 2 premiered last night and it was everything the audience has been waiting for! Some answers and even more questions…


Taking place a few months from where season 1 left off…the Mayans are still running drugs for the cartel and also working with the feds on “getting rid” of Los Olvidados, at least that is what agent Potter thinks.  EZ is settling into his role of prospect and seems like Bishop and the club are happy about that except for Angel. The Reyes brothers are still not speaking to each other and the club is not going to deal with that much longer, especially with EZ’s patch voting coming up. 

EZ has been hard at work gaining information on Happy and putting the pieces together that he is in fact the one that killed his mother. Meanwhile, Happy is at the club delivering guns when he sees Felipe and he realizes that his sons are members of the club and he has possibly made a mistake by killing their mom. We see later, Happy looking at old memories and he has a file with info on both Felipe and their mother. 

The biggest news to come up was that Adelita, the leader of Los Olvidados is PREGNANT! It is not yet known who the father is but there is speculation that it could be Angels… or by the way Emily acts at the end of the episode, could it be Miguels?

We will have to wait and see, here are scenes from season 2 of Mayans….

Kurt Sutter Leaving Mayans M.C. After Season 2

HUGE, heartbreaking but possibly exciting news has been announced that co-creator of Mayans M.C., Kurt Sutter will be stepping down from the show after season 2 wraps. Sutter is the brains behind the beloved Sons Of Anarchy so it was only fitting that he was also a part of the spin-off Mayans M.C. that premiered September 2018. It was a break out hit and fans from Sons Of Anarchy quickly fell in love with the new story line and are excited for season 2 to start next week on September 3rd. 

Sutter made his announcement Tuesday night at the season 2 premiere of Mayans at Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Sutter told fans according to Entertainment Weekly,

“It’s time for the white man to leave the building”

Explains that show is based on Latino characters living on the Mexico/Cali border and it is only fitting that the story be told from voices of color. Elgin James has been with the show from the start and he really is the culture and the life behind the creation of the Mayans universe. 

James is forever grateful for Sutter taking a chance on him he tells EW,

“Kurt Sutter changed my life… He took a shot on me… and the last two years I’ve learned so much from him that it’s left me speechless, really.”

Elgin James is ready to take on this new role and fans are surely ready to ride with him!

It is unknown what Sutter will pursue now…of course he teased about a Sons Of Anarchy prequel and SOA fans probably passed out! He has often spoken about his idea of exploring the life of Jax’s father John Teller.

Sutter explains the premise to EW,

“It would be a one-off called First Nine. It’ll begin in Vietnam with John and Piney [William Lucking]… there will be one episode for each guy who joins the first nine. That’s what I want to do”

Fans will be holding their breath until more information is spilled about that! We all know Sutter isn’t done yet with the M.C. world, cannot wait to see what is in store for his future. As of now fans have less than a week to wait for season 2 of Mayans to premiere on September 3rd at 10pm on FX. 

Would you want to see a SOA Prequel??

A look back at the start and creation of Mayans M.C.

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Mayans M.C. Season 1 RECAP

The time has come, prospects! Season 2 premiere of Mayans M.C. is in 1 week. Season 1 of Mayans was a break out hit for FX network and fans have been waiting a long time to watch what will happen next. Co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James have been hard at work with the writers and the cast since January 2019 and have been dropping little hints about what is to come along the way. 

The season ended back in November 2018, we wanted to put together a little recap group by group for fans to refresh and get ready to ROLLOUT next week! Here are the highlights…


Reyes Family: EZ, the youngest member of the family is newly out of prison for accidentally killing a cop when going after his mother’s killer many years before. EZ has made a deal to get out of prison in exchange for collecting intel on the Galindo Cartel. EZ will be working closely with the Cartel by joining the Mayans M.C. as a prospect, Angel his brother is a member. He must report all of his information to his cousin and do his best not to get locked up again. 

At first, only Felipe (EZ and Angels father) knows about EZ’s deal but at the end of the season, Angel finds out. After getting caught with a body in their trunk, both brothers are roped into a deal with shady agent Lincoln Potter, who is after the Cartel. Angel is disgusted by this betrayal from his own brother and pressures EZ to leave the club after they have completed their mission from Potter, killing their cousin. 

In the last episode, EZ decides to go against his brothers wishes and has a sit down with Bishop, the president of the M.C., and asks him to become his new sponsor as prospect instead of Angel. The same night Angel sees Happy, a member of the Sons Of Anarchy, at the Mayans clubhouse and immediately places him at the one he was after the night he shot the cop and landed himself in prison. 

Meanwhile, during all this brotherly drama the audience finds out that ole Felipe Reyes is not as innocent as he seems. He has a dark past of working as a hit man and has been trying for a long time to move on. More on that subject is left for season 2…

The M.C. – The main underground job of the Mayans is to be drug runners for the Galindo Cartel. They hide and transport drugs state to state and also have a tunnel going from Santo Padre to Mexico. They are responsible for jobs here and there for the Cartel but they become more involved with the help of the head of the Mayans, Alvarez. In the first episode, their shipment gets jacked, it is thought that the club may have a mole. 

A few of the members have their own side jobs going on behind the clubs back. Angel, Gilly and Coco all full patch members have been secretly working with Los Ovidados, a rebel group with an agenda to take down the Cartel. Angel includes EZ in on the deal because he thinks he can trust him, but all goes haywire when the rebels kidnap Miguel, the head of the cartel’s, baby boy. 

Also, while trying to cover-up an accidental killing, Angel and Gilly find ahidden tunnel from Mexico to the secretary of the club, Riz’s girlfriends place. Angel decides to rat on Riz to seem like the mole and takes on his role as the new secretary. 

Coco has some family drama of his own. He becomes close to his daughter who for her whole life thought Coco was her brother. She was raised by his mom and did not spend much time with him. She has been running tricks of her own as a semi-prositute and lies to Coco about his mom beating her. Enraged, Coco goes to confront his mother and ends up killing her. 

At the end of the season the Mayans become even more entangled with the Cartel and Alvarez decides to hang up his cut and leave the Mayans to work for the cartel. 

Galindo Cartel – The cartel has been around for many years and is now run by Miguel Galindo. He is very powerful and tends to get his way by any means necessary. Early on it is known that he is married to Emily, who used to be in a long-term relationship with EZ before he went to prison. Miguel and Emily have a son together who gets kidnapped by Los Ovidados. Distraught and desperate to get their son back Emily becomes more involved in the workings of the cartel. Their efforts keep failing until Miguel decides to make a deal with the head of the Los Ovidados, Adelita to begin working with her and he gets his son back. 

As soon as all seems well with the Galindo family, Emily and Miguel are taken into custody by Lincoln Potter and the feds. They threaten both of them to get information. Emily learns of EZ’s deal to get out of prison but stays strong in supporting her husband. Miguel makes a deal to be controlled by the feds but without their knowledge he will be double crossing them and working with Los Ovidados and the Mayans. 

Los Ovidados – A rebel group comprised of all members that have been orphaned or affected by doings of the Galindo Cartel. The head of the group Adelita, watched her parents and brother brutally murdered by the cartel henchmen and it has become her life’s mission to gain followers and go against the cartel. They send out propaganda here and there and stage a kidnapping of Miguel’s son. They gain intel from Angel and the other Mayans and move from place to place so they are never found. There is a possible romance happening between Angel and Adelita but more on that in the next season. 

The rebels plan plays out and they get Galindo on their side because they know if they are a team they will be unstoppable. Miguel keeps his promise and gives the members a safe place to stay and he delivers the man who killed Adelitas family, who happens to be his right hand man, Devante. She murders him and Alvarez takes over his job after leaving the M.C.

We cannot wait for the premiere of season 2 on September 3rd at 10pm on FX! You can fully catch up on season 1 now available on DVD and also streaming on Hulu. Check out the latest trailer….

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Harley-Davidson Releases New 2020 Models

Harley-Davidson has announced their 2020 model line-up and they have added a few new bikes this year. Harley’s first electric motorcycle the Live Wire is set to be released next month with a sticker price of almost 30 thousand, which has shocked most consumers. The main goal of the electric motorcycle was to attract new, younger riders but they might be shying away with that high of a price. Gary Gastelu from Fox News says “open your check book because this thing is an absolute thrill ride”. The Live Wire will go from 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds but it will not have the rumble that Harley-Davidson’s are known for. Gastelu explains that with that price it may be hard to move these bikes but this is just the start for Harley making more electrics bikes in the future, hopefully with much less of a sting to your wallet.

As far as Harley-Davidson’s more classic models they are also adding a few new and changing up old. The Low Rider S will now be available which will focus on performance, they have enhanced this models power and handling with the classic Softail feel. It will have the Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine and starting price of $17,999.

The Heritage Classic, a favorite among Harley-Davidson riders, will have major nostalgia with “gangter-era style and vintage details.” HD explains it would have been the bike Bonnie and Clyde would have chosen. Starting at $18,999.

For the first time ever, Harley-Davidson is introducing a CVO Tri-Glide. This bike will be fully loaded, a touring lovers dream come true! It comes with “Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS), a new collection of technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking.” Starting at $48,999.

The Road Glide Limited will also be available, replacing the Road Glide Ultra. This bike will include new premium finishes to make your long trips as comfortable as possible. You can also upgrade to the new black finish instead of chrome. Starting at $28,299.

Watch full Fox interview with Gary Gastelu here.

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Behind The Scenes [NEW]

Start the countdown, prospects! FX’s Mayans M.C. is officially back in 2 weeks for season 2. Fans have been waiting longer than usual for a new season since the first only premiered with 10 episodes. 

SPOILER WARNING: Season 1 ended with EZ deciding to stay in the club and also finding out that Happy from the Sons of Anarchy killed his mom. Galindo has two deals going between the feds and also Los Olvidados and of course Alvarez has hung his cut to go work for the cartel. Mayans fans can’t wait to see what’s next… well get excited! FX just released this ‘First Look’ behind the scene video of season 2 and what we can expect, including awesome interviews with each cast member! 

See video here >>

Mayans will be back on FX September 3rd at 10pm! Who is ready?!

Watch newest teaser trailer here >>

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Creators Sutter & James Talk Sons Of Anarchy Cross-Overs In Mayans M.C.

Season 2 of FX’s Mayans M.C. is fast approaching and everyone has been not so patiently awaiting to see what will happen next with the club. The cast and creators have been on multiple press tours this summer including Comic-Con back in July and Television Critics Association in early August. All discussing the new season and teasing us with behind the scenes posts and short trailers. 

Entertainment Weekly sat down with co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James during the TCA’s and got some more insight on where possible Sons of Anarchy cross-overs could happen! The obvious one will be SAMCRO member, Happy (David Labrava), since they ended Season 1 with EZ realizing that is was him that killed him and Angels mother. Elgin James told EW,

“Working with D.L. has been amazing, you’re going to see a lot of Happy this season because there’s a lot of stuff to unpack. I can’t say where it ends because we’re still figuring it out, but you can expect to spend a lot of time with the character this season.”

One thing for sure is that EZ is looking for revenge! The cast spoke last month at Comic-Con about how this season is all about retribution and unpacking all those secrets that came to light in the first season. JD Pardo who plays EZ Reyes posted this picture of him writing Happy’s signature on a window on his Instagram (@jdpardo). He is out to get him!

View this post on Instagram


I see you 🙂 #mayansfx

A post shared by JD Pardo (@jdpardo) on

Season 1 also ended with the biggest Sons connection that could be coming to a close? Alvarez decides to trade his cut for a suit and begin working for Galindo. Alvarez was the main connection between SAMCRO and the Mayans with the gun running. Could this possibly mean more of one on one meet ups with the Mayans and Sons?

Another way they are bringing in SOA is through EZ’s special skill of a photographic memory. Last season showed a lot of his past that helped him connect new people in his life and to ultimately know that Happy is his mother’s killer. Early in season 1, there is a flashback when EZ was in prison and the queen herself, Gemma Teller, was sitting in the waiting room to see Clay. Sutter purposely put in that little easter egg, he tells EW,

“That EZ was inside while Clay [Ron Perlman] was incarcerated. Like there was crossover, to give people a sense of timeline. I don’t know if I’ll use her or that device again, but if I need to, I’ve established it.”

James and Sutter are very careful and methodical about when and how much Sons Of Anarchy is going to intertwined into Mayans. They know that if they have little cameos here and there that they could have to unpack a lot of stuff, James explains to EW,

“When we consider bringing someone back, we have to think about the ripple effect it’ll cause and what it all means. I think Kurt wants people to remember that for what it was. Jax for what it was. And in your memory or your imagination, it could be whatever you want it to be.”

They do not want to ruin any kind of thoughts that Sons Of Anarchy fans might of fantasized about what has happened to the surviving characters. Luckily, we all have season 2 of Mayans on September 3rd to look forward to and see how all the connections will unfold. Check out the latest teaser trailer posted >>

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Motorcycle Association’s Great Efforts In Helping U.S Veterans[VIDEO]

Two members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association talk about all the great things their chapter does for U.S. veterans with MPT’s Nancy Yamada. Members have all bonded with a love of being on the open road but also with the shared experiences of being in combat overseas. Veteran Shannon, explains that being on a motorcycle is…

“Better than any medication the VA can give us, everything goes away. Just you the motorcycle and the wind, it’s just magical”. 

The members all understand what it is like to have that camaraderie being in the military and how much it is missed once they come home. Now they have that again and strive to help others feel like they have a safe space to talk about their time fighting for our freedom. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association main goals are to help raise funds for struggling veterans by working closely with homeless shelters and suicide prevention, the need is greatest among Vietnam War Veterans. They want to make sure that “no-one falls through the cracks” and that they know that it is okay to ask for help.

Watch full interview here >>

As we always say the wind is the best medicine and we thank them for all the work they are doing to help our brave veterans. Click to learn more about the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association.

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EZ Is Not A ‘Karaoke Version’ Of Jax


When Kurt Sutter first came up with the idea for Mayans M.C. he knew that there were going to be a lot of comparisons to Sons of Anarchy. You cannot have a spin-off show with a HUGE fan base like Sons and not be aware of how the audience might react. The creators of Mayans were very careful in choosing JD Pardo to play the leading role of EZ Reyes and I think we can all agree it was the right choice! Pardo has often spoke with interviewers about how there was a lot of pressure on him to get the role right, he understood what he needed to do in order to keep EZ his own character and not be just in Jax Teller’s shadow.  

JD Pardo sat down with CinemaBlend during the 2019 TCA Press Tour in the beginning of August and those very same questions came up. Mainly about how he is working towards becoming his own character not the “karaoke” version of Jax Teller. Pardo respects and understands that no one can ever replace Charlie Hunnum’s role as Jax Teller but he explains “what I wanted to do, I had to find an in, and my challenge was, how do I not make a karaoke version of Jax? Nobody likes…I mean, karaoke’s fun, but you know, nobody cares for a karaoke version, right?” 

Meaning you can never be better than the O.G., but that is not what EZ is about, he is at a whole different time in his life. First of all, he is a prospect not the VP of the club, EZ is still learning his way around. Jax grew up in that life and already had the respect, he wasn’t detailing bikes and running errands. Pardo wants to keep EZ evolving into a legendary character like Charlie did with Jax. Everyone knows season 1 Jax is NOT the same as season 7 Jax! The fans are all hoping Mayans goes as far as 7 seasons so we can see EZ make this transformation.

In the end the audience is rooting for EZ no matter what because you want your leading man to succeed and find his own way. Only have to wait a little longer, season 2 starts September 3rd.

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Tour the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 79th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicked off last week on August 2nd and will end this Sunday. Motorcycle enthusiasts from all around the world come to ride through the beautiful Black Hills and spend a few days kickin’ back with awesome food, drinks, music and of course thousands of motorcycles! It is a week long party like you wouldn’t believe and it’s on most bikers bucket list. 

If you could not make it this year, there are a few ways you can still feel like you’re there! Cory from RapidTronics YouTube page posted a whole live experience of what it is like to walk down Main Street during the rally on Tuesday afternoon. Showing off some of the concert, delicious food, shopping and newest The Hotel Sturgis.

Check video out here…

Sturgis Rally also sets up live webcams so you can see what’s going on in real time! Here is the view of downtown but if you want to see all live feeds click here

Hopefully you can all make it one year if you have not gone already. The party is sure to be even BIGGER next year for the 80th anniversary. What years have you been to Sturgis?

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Brother VS Brother Mayans M.C. Trailer [NEW]

FX’s Mayans M.C. just released a new teaser trailer! It is all about the feud that is to come between brothers Angel and EZ. 

WARNING SPOILERS: Last season we left off with Angel finding out about EZ’s deal to get out of prison by agreeing to collect intel on the Galindo cartel. After finding this out, Angel gets dragged into having to kill their cousin in order to protect EZ and himself from being exposed to the M.C. 

Angel wanted EZ to step down from the club and get out of that life. He felt betrayed and also was worried about what would happen to them if the club ever found out EZ’s true intentions for wanting to join. As we all know EZ went against Angels wishes and requested that he know longer be his sponsor and for Bishop aka El Presidente to become his sponsor instead for the remainder of his prospect year. Angel did not take that well at all and therefore the feud continues!

Check out the newest trailer, there might be a battle to come…

Looks like the brotherly love might be over…we will just have to wait and see. Mayans returns on FX on September 3rd. Whose side are you on?

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What’s Next for ‘El Secretario’?

One month to go, prospects! Mayans M.C. is back on FX September 3rd. We are so excited to see what the club is up to next, especially the characters that might have not had as much screen time last season. Season 1 focused a lot on developing the new story and characters separate from Sons of Anarchy. 

WARNING SPOILERS: Each member had a lot of secrets that slowly came to light throughout the season, including in the episode Cucaracha/K’uruch’, the club members find out that ‘Riz’ aka El Secretario has been hiding an underground tunnel to Mexico and possibly not cutting the M.C in on the profits. When learning this information they decide to strip ‘Riz’ of his title but…. back on July 1st, co-creator Kurt Sutter tweeted this pic of Antonio Jaramillo on the set of Season 2 with caption “El Secretario. Who’s ready for season 2? #mayanmonday #mayansfx

Does this mean he might be reinstated??

Antonio Jaramillo also had an interview with Entertainment Weekly during Comic-Con a few weeks ago, talking about the possible developments of where his character could go. He might have a more troubled past than has been led on?

Mayans fans will just have to wait and see! What characters would you like to see develop more in season 2?

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Mayans M.C. Talk Season 2 at Comic-Con

Get excited prospects, the Mayans M.C. cast and crew were at comic con this weekend and they spilled some awesome details about the new season. Unfortunately, co-creator Kurt Sutter could not make it this year but Elgin James and all our favorites made an appearance. They all hit the panel Sunday, July 21st and it was really great to see they love that they have for all the writers and each other. 

Edward James Olmos (Felipe Reyes) seen here in this clip talking about how the table read is the first time they all get to read the script. The cast gets to experience the twists, emotion and laughter all at once as a group. The writers do an amazing job of bringing the characters and culture to life in this small forgotten town.

After panel, Elgin James (co-creator), J.D. Pardo (EZ Reyes), Clayton Cardenes (Angel Reyes), Edward James Olmos (Felipe Reyes) and Sarah Bolger (Emily Thomas) all went around for even more exclusive interviews, including this one with IGN live. J.D. Pardo talks about how season 2 has a central theme of retribution, especially after learning at the end of season 1 who killed Angel and his mother. EZ’s character is more into the why of his mother’s death and learning that this world is where he belongs. They all danced around trying not to give 100% answers or spoilers for what is to come but with Happy from SAMCRO as the main target there is sure to be some Sons of Anarchy crossover.

See full interview here >>

Mayans fans everywhere can’t wait to see what happens in season 2. Mayans M.C. will be back on FX on September 3rd at 10pm!

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Full Trailer

Time to ROLL OUT Mayans fans! FX just released the full length trailer for season 2 of Mayans M.C. premiering September 3rd. Trailer came out just as the whole cast and crew head out to California this weekend for Comic-Con. They will be doing their Q&A on Sunday the 21st and releasing more exclusive clips for the up coming season.

The creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James have only been letting out teasers here and there. This is the first time we get to see some possible things that might be happening this upcoming season. EZ finding his moms killer? Galindo getting deeper and deeper into his deal? Angel and EZ finding out more about their dads real past?

We have waited long enough….

It’s getting real! Gear up prospects, only a few more weeks. It is going to be…

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A Look Into Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire

Harley-Davidson has been discussing the release of their first electric motorcycle LiveWire for a few years now and it will finally be available this September. It has a starting MSRP of $29,799 and will be available in three different colors Orange Fuse, Yellow Fuse and Vivid Black. 

The EV motorcycle will go from 0-60 mph within 3 seconds with 105 horsepower and torque similar to most electric bikes on the market. The bike weighs 549 pounds with most of the weight in the battery, which will charge to full power in 60 minutes. Owners have the option of charging their motorcycle at home with a normal outlet or at any public charging stations that are available. 

Test rides have shown it takes corners very smooth with an easy handle. The dash is a sleek touch screen, much like a tablet that comes with 4 different pre-programmed riding modes: sport, road, rain and range. Once you have ridden and gotten your own feel for the bike you can set your own custom modes.

Check out Cycle World’s video of all the features and review on the LiveWire.

The LiveWire is meant to be Harley-Davidson’s ‘reboot’ in the motorcycle world with the hopes of gaining new riders. We will see if this electric ride can live up to the customers expectations of the classic rumble that H-D is known for.

What do you think of the LiveWire?

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LEGO Creates Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Replica

Dreams are coming true for the little biker in you! Harley-Davidson has teamed up with LEGO to create a Fat Boy model replica kit. The bike is 1,023 pieces and comes in classic red and black, complete with a Harley-Davidson logo on the tank and an odometer. To make it even more authentic they created a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy themed ‘commercial’ so customers can see all the special features.

The model will include of course a v-twin engine, exhaust pipes, and even handle bars that rev! Builders will be able to roll the wheels, turn the handle bars for steering and “gas it up”. The creators really wanted to bring on the nostalgia for all ages, it would make a very badass collector piece for any motorcycle enthusiast out there. The kit will be available for purchase August 1st or for the LEGO VIPS pre-ordering opens tomorrow, July 17th.

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Season 2 of Mayans M.C. Trailer

Gear up, prospects! The official teaser trailer for season 2 of FX’s Mayans M.C. has been released! The club will return on September 3rd, at its usual time slot of Tuesdays at 10pm. Creator, Kurt Sutter has been dropping hints on his Instagram (@sutterink) for weeks. He posted this photo three days ago of Creeper and Tranq filming some club downtime.


View this post on Instagram


Club down time… #mayansfx #mayanmonday

A post shared by Kurt Sutter (@sutterink) on

Season 1 of Mayans was a break out hit as one of the top rated new shows of 2018. It has seemed extra long for Mayans fans to see what will happen next, but we all know that creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James will not disappoint! We don’t have to wait much longer, 8 weeks and counting!

Check out the teaser trailer posted today! 

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Easy Rider’s 50th Anniversary [VIDEO]

It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since the movie ‘Easy Rider’ was released back on July 14, 1969. The film became an instant classic that led to Oscar nominations for Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Jack Nicholson) and Best Writing (Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern).

The opening scenes bring back so many memories of seeing the film for the first time.

Easy Rider was ahead of it’s time, representing the freedom that people craved at that time but did not fully understand. Wyatt and Billy knew the importance of chasing dreams and being your own person, so they took to the open road to find it. In this scene Jack Nicholson’s character, George knew the perfect way of putting their lifestyle into words.

The movie was the first of its kind back in the 60s, showing off the indifference, culture and how being a free spirit was not celebrated like it is today. Living the biker life is something most people do not understand, we do and we would not change it for anything in the world! Captain America and Billy have meant a lot to the biker community for decades and this iconic story will live on for many more years.

When did you first see Easy Rider?

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‘Ride’ To See The Mayans M.C. at Comic Con

FX’s Mayans M.C. creator, Kurt Sutter invited everyone to ‘ride’ out and see the club at Comic-Con this year in San Diego. The cast and crew were there last year promoting the first season and now they will be back again! Sutter tweeted this pic of him last year and now wants all Mayans fans to come out in a few weeks.

They are scheduled to appear on July 21st at 1:00pm in Hall H. The main cast will be there and also both co-creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James for an exclusive Q&A. They will also be showing a special screening sneak peek of season 2, back on FX September 3rd at 10pm. After the interviews, guests will be able to get signings from all the Mayans cast and producers.

Sounds like a dream come true! Let’s #ROLLOUT!

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Teaser [NEW]

Newest update on season 2! Mayans fans have been patiently awaiting season 2. Many hoping that it will be longer than the first that concluded after only 10 episodes in November 2018. Creators said they would be back in the writing room starting in January 2019.

Kurt Sutter spoke earlier this year to The Hollywood Reporter about his writing process, “It’s hard for my brain to shut down, so if there’s a theme or an idea, I’ll jot that down. I don’t want to start unpacking things in my head. I just want to let it sit for a minute… I like to come into each season with at least a loose sense of structure and where I want it to go. My writers help me get there.” Season 1 ended with a lot of possible directions that the show could go. Can’t wait to see what will happen to EZ and the club next, but we did get a little glimpse yesterday!

Creator, Kurt Sutter posted this photo to his Twitter (@sutterink) of actor Antonio Jaramillo that plays Michael ‘Riz’ Ariza.

Captioning “El Secretario. Who’s ready for season 2?” and we all respond to his question with….

Season 2 will be back September 3rd! As always we will keep you updated on the latest news, surely Sutter will keep teasing us until the last minute!

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Funny Scenes from Season 1 of Mayans M.C. [VIDEO]

The cast and creators made for a very intense first season of Mayans, with many twists and turns that no one saw coming. To say the show is gruesome is an understatement… but everyone needs a bit of comic relief at the end of the day. The audience all loved watching the brotherly love and goofing off between Angel and EZ; then you have Coco always messing up something which made us fall in love with these characters. Season 2 is only 2 MONTHS AWAY!

Check out this video that shows a few of the hilarious scenes that happened during the first season of Mayans!

Season 2 will surely deliver more drama, blood and “MY BADS”. Can’t wait for the M.C. to be back on September 3rd!

What was your favorite funny moment of the first season?

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A Tribute to Arlen Ness (1939 – 2019)

Legendary motorcycle designer Arlen Ness known as “The King of Custom Motorcycles” would have turned 80 years old this July. He sadly lost his battle with cancer back in March of this year. His motorcycles are a work of art and he changed the motorcycle community forever.

Arlen first started tinkering with his Harley-Davidson back in 1947, that sparked his joy of building and customizing motorcycles. He was known for creating custom motorcycle parts and many of his designs included outlandish paint-jobs and even some with gold-plated handle bars, making his designs truly unique. Ness received many accolades, including a lifetime achievement award from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and was also inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame back in 1992. His death is a significant loss to the motorcycle community and and everyone that knew him. Arlen Ness’ builds will live on as some of the most innovative and iconic in history.

Here is a beautiful video of photos from his life, submitted by his friends and family. Video made by Robert Pandya; Warren Zevon and Aaron LaCombe added the wonderful music.

A letter recently received by Arlen’s wife, Beverly from President Trump with his condolences.

Great video of Arlen describing his first custom bike ‘Untouchable’ and how he began following his passion.

He was an amazing and inspiring man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Arlen’s family and friends.

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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Release Date


It is official! FX has released that season 2 of the break out hit Mayans M.C. will premiere on September 3, 2019. That means only a little over 2 months until we find out what is next for EZ and the club. 

Season 1 of Mayans M.C. hit record ratings, thanks to the fan base from Sons of Anarchy. Even though it is a spin-off the writers have done an amazing job making Mayans its own separate storyline by creating different and dynamic characters that keep the audience hooked and wanting more. The first season left some unanswered questions and opened up even more opportunities for some Sons of Anarchy cameos and crossovers to unfold in the new season. We can’t wait for September!

Co-creator Kurt Sutter sharing this tweet yesterday that they are getting close to season 2 being ready!

You can catch up or re-watch Season 1 commercial free right now on FX+ to get ready and hyped for Season 2. What was your favorite twist in Season 1?

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Sons Of Anarchy Death Compilation Video

December will mark 5 years since FX’s Sons Of Anarchy ended and for those of us who loved the show we still feel the loss. Each episode was packed with drama, uncertainty and often the feeling of grief when some of our favorite characters were brutally killed off. After seven seasons the audience grew to love these characters, their deaths were heartbreaking but often necessary. The club got themselves in some sticky situations that could only be solved with murder. Each member got what was coming to them or in some cases someone innocent had to pay the price.

Check out this video of all the important and memorable deaths throughout the series. It brings back some crazy memories of all the drama that went down with SAMCRO and some that we forgot.

We all have that death in the show that hit us the hardest but it’s one of the reasons Sons of Anarchy was so iconic. Which death do you remember the most?

Luckily the memory of Sons of Anarchy lives on with FX’s spin-off series Mayans M.C. that is headed for its season 2 premiere in early September 2019. Hopefully there will be even more crossover between Mayans and Sons this coming season.

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Harley-Davidson Family Heirloom Built by Jason Momoa

Aquaman’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ star Jason Momoa recently shared this video about his three decade journey to build a Harley-Davidson from scratch. It has been a long road for him and many things have changed in his life. Now the time has come for Jason to make his dream a reality with his children.

The video is not only visually stunning with scenes of backroads and joy on everyone’s faces as they feel the freedom of the open road, but his words help you to remember how you felt the first time you were on two wheels.

He takes you back to the first time he ever rode a motorcycle, when he was only 6 years old and the rush he felt. He remembers that “it looked like a beast, fierce and proud” and how turning the “throttle was like being able to control it’s breathing”. Momoa has since then been craving that feeling and now he gets to share it with his family. He talks of how this bike will forever be a family heirloom, not just the Harley itself but the everlasting memories that they will create.

We hope this video brings back a little nostalgia and happiness. Share with us in the comments the first time you ever rode.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

New Mayans M.C. Behind The Scenes Teaser

Sutter and the club are at it again! On June 10th Kurt Sutter (@sutterink) posted this behind the scenes look of the cast and crew filming a club meeting on the set. Sounds like they are already looking to cause some TROUBLE!


(ABOVE) This was Sutter’s first behind the scenes teaser video of the M.C. riding up looking to confront some people back in May. Hopefully we will be getting answers soon!

Season 2 is rumored to be back early this Fall. The ending of last season definitely kept a lot of questions open, maybe even some Sons of Anarchy cameos?? Can’t wait to see what the club gets into next. We will keep an eye out for any new updates. So ready for Season 2 to #ROLLOUT!

What are you looking forward to unfold in the new season?

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The Ultimate Bikers Playlist

Summer is finally here and that means one thing…it’s time to ride! We all love our Summer road trips and one of the best parts (beside the wind in your face) is jamming out to your favorite tunes.

We asked you all a while back, “What’s your favorite song to listen to on the road?”. We got a lot of responses! We decided to make you the ultimate bikers playlist. Full list and Amazon music download available below. Hope you enjoy!

Ultimate Bikers Playlist:

  1. Highway to Hell – AC/DC
  2. Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
  3. Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf
  4. Don’t Look Back – Boston
  5. Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  6. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins
  7. Life In The Fast Lane – The Eagles
  8. Radar Love – Golden Earring
  9. Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger
  10. Bad Motor Scooter – Montrose
  11. Kickstart My Heart – Mötley Crüe
  12. Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  13. I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar
  14. Breaking The Law – Judas Priest
  15. Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  16. Red Barchetta – Rush
  17. Slow Ride – Foghat
  18. Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf
  19. Rev On The Red Line – Foreigner
  20. Thunderstruck – AC/DC

If we missed your favorite, comment below so we can keep the good times rolling. Happy riding!

Amazon Music ‘Ultimate Bikers Playlist’ ready for download > Click ‘share’ icon and copy link to download.


9 Hidden Sons of Anarchy Easter Eggs in Mayans M.C.

FX’s Sons of Anarchy was loved by many and now that love can continue with FX’s new spin-off show Mayans M.C. The first season debuted in September of 2018 and was a quick hit among SOA fans and motorcycle enthusiast. While tuning in we all secretly wished for a little Sons to be added into the story and the first season did not disappoint. Here are a few easter eggs and connections between Mayans M.C. and Sons of Anarchy that you might have missed. *SPOILER WARNING* Continue reading “9 Hidden Sons of Anarchy Easter Eggs in Mayans M.C.”

Motorcyclist Critically Injured After Highway Buckles In Atlanta, GA

Image Credit: Eric Stirgus/Atlanta Journal Constitution
Image Credit: Eric Stirgus/Atlanta Journal Constitution

An unidentified motorcyclist traveling along Interstate 20 in Atlanta, GA on Monday ended up in the hospital with critical injuries after the highway underneath him buckled, sending him into the air and 10-15 feet down the highway. According to the Associated Press, the motorcyclist was traveling at high speed along the interstate, when the pavement began to buckle due to a gas leak. He couldn’t avoid colliding with the damaged section of highway and was “catapulted through the air”. He was one of two accidents that occurred on that buckled section of I-20.

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Shipments Have Fallen By 14.7% In The 2017 First-Quarter

Image Credit: BON
Image Credit: BON

According to Reuters, Harley-Davidson has had a bit of a rough start to 2017. Despite plans to create new and improved motorcycle models in the upcoming years, plus maintaining their stronghold on American Manufacturing, the American-made motorcycle company has reported at 14.7% loss in motorcycle shipments so far this year. They’ve kept their financial outlook unchanged, though they have also seen  a 4%, or $57.00 loss in the stock market just this week. Their motorcycle shipments specifically fell by 70,831 units in the quarter ending on March 26, compared with its forecast shipments of 66,000-71,000 units.

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“Centerfold” Guitarist J. Geils Found Dead

Image Credit: Yahoo
Image Credit: Yahoo

John Warren Geils Jr., the guitarist known as J. Geils, who rose to fame through his hit single “Centerfold” was found dead at the age of 71. He was the founder and member of the J. Geils Band, an American rock band formed in 1968 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Reports say that he was found dead by the Groton, MA Police Department in his Groton, MA home on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 after they were called to perform a wellness check on him. He was declared dead at the scene.

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“The Wild One” Movie Trailer – 1953 [WATCH]

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

‘The Wild One’ is a 1953 American film, considered to be the original outlaw biker film, and the first ever to examine American outlaw motorcycle gang violence. It starred Marlon Brando as Johnny Strabler, a surly, sneering and rebellious leader of a 40-man motorcycle gang, who wore the trademark black-leather jacket (with Johnny scrawled on the left chest), round dark shades, a white T-shirt, bulky aviator’s cap, skin-tight jeans, black gloves, and of course, boots. His persona would live to become a cultural icon of the 1950’s.

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Grilled Maple Cayenne Ribs (RECIPE)

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Courtesy of Grilled, today we have for all of you BBQ loving people, a delectable recipe for Maple Cayenne Ribs. Once you see how these are made, you won’t be able to wait to get that grill fired up! They’re a delicious blend of juicy meat with flavorful spices like buffalo, lime, pepper, maple, and cayenne…once you try these, you may never want traditional BBQ ribs ever again! Put your aprons on, BON family, and get the full recipe for all of this deliciousness, below.

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Harley-Davidson Commercial Too Risque For TV! [FUNNY]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

To be honest, we’re not sure if this particular Harley-Davidson commercial ever aired on television. Maybe you guys can tell us. We love it when you guys lend us a helping hand with stuff like this. Anyway, we have a special place in our hearts for the advertising team over at Harley-Davidson. The commercials they manage to think up are always entertaining. They seriously have some of the best advertising in the business, and with the commercial we are sharing with you today, you’ll see why we love their advertisements so much!

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Funny Sexy Girl Motorcycle Prank! [WATCH]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Picture it; you’re walking down the street an you come across a damsel having trouble mounting her motorcycle. She’s in a short skirt and just can’t seem to make the landing onto her bike without ripping it. She’s trying and trying; can’t quite figure out how to make it happen, and she looks to you for help. What do you do? Do you shake your head and walk away, or do you acknowledge that there’s a very sexy lady in trouble right in front of you and offer your help?

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How It’s Made: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles [VIDEO]

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Do you guys watch the TV Series ‘How It’s Made‘? Personally, we find it to be just about one of the most interesting shows on television. The show is a documentary television series that premiered on January 6, 2001 on the Discovery Channel in Canada, and the Science Channel in the United States, and they’ve dedicated a portion of one of their episodes to the Harley-Davidson brand. They’ve highlighted everything we’ve ever wanted to know about how a Harley-Davidson is made, and we just think it’s so cool.

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Celebrate National Beer Day With These Tiny Beer Cap Motorcycles [PHOTOS]

Image Credit: Pamela Smith - Beer Cap Motorcycles (Facebook)
Image Credit: Pamela Smith – Beer Cap Motorcycles (Facebook)

Guys! It’s April 7th, and do you know what that means? It’s National Beer Day! Cheers! Celebrate the day with your favorite brew, and this awesome BON post, because we’re celebrating the day with a photo gallery of tiny beer cap motorcycles. You read that right. There’s an awesome lady named Pamela Smith, who owns and operates Beer Cap Motorcycles, a business out of De Soto, MO. She creates motorcycle models, by hand, out of actual beer caps, and sells them for $15.00/EA or as a pair of two for $20.00.

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How *NOT* To Load Your Motorcycle! OMG!

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Any of y’all moving soon? Don’t be the guy in today’s video. Please. We beg of you. Don’t do it. Just don’t. We’ve all been there at least once – we’re packing up to move our lives into a new house, a new city, or a new state. Of course our motorcycles go with us – they’re our babies. And we aren’t always lucky enough to be able to ride them to their new homes. Sometimes we have to load them up onto a truck and save them some mileage. And that’s perfectly okay – if you’re not the guy in the video below.

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Ridiculous Harley-Davidson Burnout Fail!

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We love to have our fair share of motorcycle fails here at BON right? Today’s your lucky day, BON friends and family, because we have in store, just for you, video of a super ridiculous Harley-Davidson burnout fail! No joke, the only burnout happening on this cruiser, is on the clutch. This video is almost painful to watch, really. The rider setup to burnout in style, with confidence, thinking he was about to lay down some serious rubber….annnnnd nope. Just nope. He pulled off a whole lot of nope.

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Starting A D-RAD R9 Antique Veteran Motorcycle [WATCH]

Image Credit: Video Screenshot
Image Credit: Video Screenshot

Motorcycles don’t get more vintage than the D-RAD R9.  Deutsche Werke AG, the manufacturer of the D-RAD R9, used to be just a state-owned armaments manufacturer, before diversifying into the production of bedsteads, agricultural machinery, and railway rolling stock after The Great War. Around the year 1921, they set up the company Deutsche Kraftfahrzeugwerke AG in Spandau, to manufacture motorcycles under the ‘Star’ brand name. While we can’t be sure of the year of the particular motorcycle in today’s video, we do know that it was produced between the years 1929 and 1930 – read on to find out why.

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