10,000 member milestone reached

Last week we signed up our 10,000th member in just under 8 months from start. Our page views are humming along at around 4 million per month with 5,000 unique visitors per day. We are adding about 3,000 members a month at this time. Please. If you like what you see here please tell your friends to join.

The wonderful thing about social networks is that they get better as they grow larger. More members means more friends, more rides, more events, more bargaining power (more on this later) and more information to share. So here is what we have planned for the site:

1.       Rides. We are going to give members the ability to organize their own rides and invite other members to come along. Here is the vision: Plug your zip code into the search box and chose from 100s of rides near your home. NEVER RIDE ALONE AGAIN!

2.       Groups. Give members the ability to create groups around any subject. I can see lots of groups created around bike models. Example: The 2005 Fat Boy Owners Group. This will give you the ability to meet and communicate with other owners of the exact same bike.

3.       Forums. No social network is complete without a good forum. We are going to build ours from the ‘ground up.’ No ‘out of the box’ solution here.


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