12 Year Old Daughter Kick-Starts Shovelhead Chopper

12 Year Old Daughter Kick-starts A Harley – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Can your daughter kick-start a motorcycle? Someone taught this young girl how it’s done!

A proud father has instilled his daughter with a passion for motorcycles at an early age. Check out the clip uploaded to YouTube of his 12-year-old daughter kickstarting his Shovelhead Chopper all by herself for the second time ever. I love her giant grin and the joy that lights up her face when she gets it revved up, it’s a feeling that we all know and appreciate every time we kickstart our own.

Are you passing your love for riding motorcycles down to your children? Tell us how you taught your kids the joy of the open road in the comments. Did your parents teach you how to ride? Tell us your stories in the comments.

My daughter (12 years) kick-starts my Shovelhead Chopper just for the second time! Please comment. She is so proud ­čÖé Thanks at all for great comments :-)” – YouTube┬áVideo Description

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