25 Bikers Who Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Biker Helps Blind Man – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

STOP before you judge a biker. We may be loud, big, and burly, but bikers are some of the nicest people on earth. There are too many videos giving bikers a bad reputation. Yes, there are some bikers out there that ruin it for the good guys, but we hope this video restores your faith of the biker community.

These bikers are spreading a lot of kindness by just lending a helping hand. Kindness goes a long way. We have to remember that we are not the only living and breathing entities on this earth. By helping a woman in a wheelchair get unstuck, saving a tortoise, pulling a girl from an overturned car, or helping a blind man cross the street, these bikers are helping change the world.

My favorite one is the guy who helps the fallen man near the end. It’s crazy how everyone walks past him and doesn’t help at all… until, a┬ábiker pulls over and rushes up to the scene to help him up.

We need more videos like this…

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