6 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Own A Motorcycle

6 Signs You Probably Shouldn’t Own A Motorcycle – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Not everyone is cut out to ride a motorcycle. If you do any of the things the people do in this motorcycle fail video, you probably should not own a motorcycle, dirt bike, or scooter, in fact, maybe you shouldn’t own any motorized vehicle, just to be on the safe side.

Yes, I admit that people make mistakes, but if you are trying to pull off stunts like these guys you may want to keep your hands off the throttle. The guy at 0:43 who tries to cross the creek will have your rolling. Did he really think he was going to make it across? I feel really bad for the motorcycle in the clip at 2:00 when it’s owner tries to pull off the Indian Larry stunt… that had to hurt!

Here are six signs that you shouldn’t own a motorcycle:

1). If you haven’t taken a riding course or have no knowledge of how to ride or handle your bike.

2). If you want to pull off stunts. ie. wheelies, burnouts, standing stunts

3). You don’t know the correct motorcycle hand signals.

4). If you ride without proper gear. ie. shorts and flip flops

5). If you just want to pick up hot chicks with your motorcycle.

6). If you have no respect for the road or others on the road.

What else would you add to the list of signs that you probably shouldn’t own a motorcycle? Watch the funny motorcycle fail video below. Let us know which clip was your favorite.