A New Love Interest for EZ: Scenes from S2E7 Of Mayans M.C.

Tuesday is finally here Mayans fans! After the ending of last weeks episode we have been in torture waiting to see what will happen tonight.

The club has some major business to take care of the week. Someone has been running a human trafficking operation and the M.C is going to put an end to it. Looks like it is going to be extremely dangerous but the club will do whatever they have to.  

Coco’s daughter, Letcia is back in the picture as well and has brought a new friend to the club house. Her and EZ have caught each others eyes and Letica doesn’t look super pleased! Could this be a new love interest for EZ? 

The audience was not a huge fan of his interactions with Emily last week and the trouble it got him in. Marlons death at the end of last week is sure to come up… possibly even blow back on the club.

Who do you want EZ to be with?

Tune in tonight on FX at 10pm to see what will happen next. See full trailer >>