A New Mayans Love Triangle?

What is the fate of Adelita, the baby and the men who love her? Scenes from episode 5 of Mayans.

Last week left Mayans fans with their jaw on the ground! Between finding out that Miguel is Felipe’s biological son and Adelita getting found and taken into custody… we are in for a crazy ride tonight! 

Potter is going to be up to his normal evil ways by using Adelita’s vulnerable state of being due soon with her baby as leverage to get what he wants. Will she talk? She is smart but Potter is too, we will just have to see what he has in store for her. 

Miguel was very upset when she was taken and Emily is starting to notice. She has been dropping some not so subtle hints that she is not a huge fan of Miguel and Adelita spending so much time together. Could he be the baby daddy? 

Angel, baby daddy #2 isn’t happy about the news of Adelita’s capture either. He will sacrifice whatever he can to get to her. The club is going to find out that he is the prospective father and surely the issue of the Swole Boys conflict will come up too. 

Who do you think the father is? Check out scenes from tonight’s episode >>