A Tribute to Arlen Ness (1939 – 2019)

Legendary motorcycle designer Arlen Ness known as “The King of Custom Motorcycles” would have turned 80 years old this July. He sadly lost his battle with cancer back in March of this year. His motorcycles are a work of art and he changed the motorcycle community forever.

Arlen first started tinkering with his Harley-Davidson back in 1947, that sparked his joy of building and customizing motorcycles. He was known for creating custom motorcycle parts and many of his designs included outlandish paint-jobs and even some with gold-plated handle bars, making his designs truly unique. Ness received many accolades, including a lifetime achievement award from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and was also inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame back in 1992. His death is a significant loss to the motorcycle community and and everyone that knew him. Arlen Ness’ builds will live on as some of the most innovative and iconic in history.

Here is a beautiful video of photos from his life, submitted by his friends and family. Video made by Robert Pandya; Warren Zevon and Aaron LaCombe added the wonderful music.

A letter recently received by Arlen’s wife, Beverly from President Trump with his condolences.

Great video of Arlen describing his first custom bike ‘Untouchable’ and how he began following his passion.

He was an amazing and inspiring man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Arlen’s family and friends.

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