Angry Ghost Bike Terrorizes Track After Crash


What happens when motorcycles turn on their owners? You’ll see…

Rider Benji Compton was taken for a surprise when his dirt bike turned on him (literally) after crashing at a race. In the footage below, the bike picks itself up and heads straight for Compton as if it had a grudge. Compton kicks the bike from his path, but there’s no stopping this mad motorcycle, it continues to charge through two chain link fences and heads straight for the crowds.

The bike races like a bat out of hell, doing somersaults and backflips towards the crowds. It’s as if the bike has a mind of its own and it’s out to terrorize the entire track! The guy in the crowd with the green jacket and red shirt doesn’t even flinch, he just keeps eating his burger. LOL!

The error was due to a faulty kill switch which should have been tested prior to the race by the machine examiner. Luckily, no spectators were hurt during the bike spaz, but it did cause rider Benji Compton to withdraw from the race.

Has your bike ever turned on you? Tell us about it in the comments.

Check out the video of the possessed dirt bike as it terrorizes the track:

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