Behind The Scene’s Mayans M.C Table Read

Mayans M.C. season 2 premiered September 3rd and fans have been going crazy for more! The audience can see the on screen connection and know that the cast and crew really love working together. 

Mayans M.C. Facebook just released this awesome behind the scenes video of the cast and crew coming back together for the first table read for season 2. Talk about a lot of BRO HUGS! Creator, Elgin James talks about how it is truly something special to come back together after the time off and get back into these amazing characters and stories. 

Back at Comic-Con in July, Edward James Olmos talked about how the table reads are so cool because they do not get the script before like normal shows. Everyone gets to experience the drama, laughs and twists all together at the table read.

Each member of the cast talks about what it is like to see each other again and get back into the thing they love the most! Frankie Loyal who plays Tranq talks about the show and how reading it aloud,

“It’s like it’s getting pulse.”

Check out the video here >>