Biker Asks 10 Year Old Girl To Sit On His Bike – Her Reaction Will Amaze You!

Image Credit: Scott Drotar
Image Credit: Scott Drotar

You’re all familiar with those days that you’re just cruising through your newsfeed on Facebook, looking for the slightest bit of entertainment to come your way. We’ve all done it. We’ve all had those days. That experience paid off for me today, when I caught a video about a big biker man who asks a 10 year old girl to hop on his bike, and her reaction..well it’s nothing short of priceless!

In life, we’re trained to expect the unexpected. Remember that as you watch the cute video below! The big, scary looking biker spots the little girl walking down the street, and follows her for a bit before asking her to hop on his bike. She refuses, so he offers her $10, to hop up on the back of his bike. She still refuses, running ahead of him. He catches up and offers her $20, and…

Well, you’ll have to watch the video below to know the ending! Tell us in the comments if you’re surprised by her answer! The lesson here, never judge a story without reading the entire thing! 😉 This video was provided by Uplift Post on Facebook.

Uplift Post – Biker insists this 10-year-old girl to sit… | Facebook

Biker insists this 10-year-old girl to sit on his bike. Her response? Priceless! Like Uplift Post for daily touching videos and laughs.


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