BikerOrNot Fan Pages

By James Plouf – President

For a long time BON members have been asking for a way to create multiple profiles -one for their personal use and one for their business. But creating two profiles with two logins wasn’t a good solution.

So, yesterday BON launched a new feature called Fan Pages. This will allow any member to create a profile for their business, their band, their club, charity, tv show or any general interest topic. A Fan Page is in addition to a personal profile and does not require a separate username and password. You can create as many fan pages as you want.

Fan Pages allow users to share information with others over a common interest. A status update from the creator of the any Fan Page is published in the feeds of all the fans of that page.

With over 8,000 Biker Biz Profiles on BON we saw a demand for the ability to create a separate profile just for a business. You no longer have to sacrifice your personal profile to create a business profile.

BON members are creative and started using Events to create their own version of Fan Pages. Filling up the Events with non-events was making them less useful for people looking for real events.

Here are links to some of the larger Fan Pages (so far…)

Sons of Anarchy

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Fan Page

Biker Tattoo

Another really great feature that we have added is the ability to share images and links in your profile status update and in your Fan Page status update.

If you want to leave a comment about the new Fan Pages on BON then please comment below.


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