Bikers Find Missing Wedding Ring for Grieving Widow

Photo Source: Rhonda Thill

When Rhonda Thill’s husband of 18 years was killed in a motorcycle accident, she was devastated. To make matters worse, when she received the personal items the had with him the night of the crash, she realized his wedding ring was missing.

She knew he would’ve been wearing it and suspected the force of impact caused it to come off at the scene of the crash.

Desperately hoping to get the ring back, she told a close biker friend and before she knew it, over a dozen bikers were on their hands and knees looking for the ring in the field next to the median where he crashed.

rhonda 2
Photo Source: Rhonda Thill

Later that day, the men showed up at her door holding the ring, and she smiled for the first time since her husband passed away.

Much respect to these guys for helping this woman get a piece of her husband back, once again proving that bikers really do have the biggest hearts.


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